Monday, January 30, 2012

[ZESTCaste] Dalit attacked by upper caste men

Dalit attacked by upper caste men
Milind Ghatwai Posted online: Mon Jan 30 2012, 01:05 hrs
Bhopal : An attempt was made to chop off the hands and legs of a Dalit
youth in Pagari Bangla village of Rajgarh district allegedly by three
upper-caste youth whom he had accused of stealing an electricity

Jagdish, 30, was rushed to Bhopal where his condition was reported to
be stable on Sunday, a day after the alleged incident took place.

DIG K K Lohani said Jagdish had suffered serious injuries, but denied
the reports that his limbs had been chopped off.

Jagdish had complained against Arjun Thakur, Shiva Gurjar and Madan in
Malawar Police Station nearly a fortnight ago. Lohani said the three
had been called to the police station for questioning and so, they
harboured a grudge against Jagdish. He said that all three would soon
be arrested.

Armed with axes and other sharp weapons, the three men allegedly
assaulted Jagdish when he was on his way home on a two-wheeler around
9 am on Saturday. PSI Narmada Prasad Dayma of the SC/ST Police Station
said the assault took place while villagers watched, but no one is
ready to come forward to record a statement. Dayma said the attackers
were angry because a lower caste youth had dared to drag them to the
police station. He said the three men were not well-off had fled from
their homes.

Demanding that the accused be arrested, MPCC chief Kantilal Bhuria
said the government should offer lifelong cash assistance to the

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