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[ZESTCaste] Dalit killed for intruding kitchen fireplace in hotel - in Nepal


Dear friends,
Every day, I read many news on the Dalit atrocities and ignore them as it is a routine to thrash or kill a Dalit in India. Any mad dog can kick or kill a Dalit with no second thought of punishment.
Lately, I have been reading similar or worse news from Nepal, till a short while before a Hindu nation. Dalits there as well treated worse than animals.
When I was reading this story, I remember a Nepali for whom I worked in 2002 when my fortune was not good. Through a friend's recommendation, I started working in an Indian restaurant in Washington DC with a hope to learn some business skills when I was unemployed almost more than 8 months after Sept 11, 2001. A Nepali was the manager there. I saw him treating others (in the capital of the land of freedom) working the restaurant (most of them were well educated, but hit with bad luck) the worse way I could imagine. He started treating me the same. That fellow was a short, ugly, and a semi literate where as other working for him were all educated. Two days I tolerated and I quit on the 3rd day, unable to tolerate his treatment.
This is not to be stereotyping people based on a news report.  There is a saying in Telugu that says,  "in order to determine the quality of a bag full of rice, it is enough to check a fist full of them. "
With much progressive thought and work in India for the past 60+ years, when Indians can't give the dignity Dalits deserve as fellow humans, I can image the state of Dalits in Nepal.
May this decease of discrimination on the basis of caste or any artificial boundary be eradicated from the face of the earth by some force - how ever worse it may have been!

Nepal: Dalit killed for intruding kitchen fireplace in hotel

Posted by: "Siddhartha Kumar"   tellsiddhartha

Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:42 am (PST)

http://www.myrepubl index.php? action=news_ details&news_ id=39551

Dalit killed for intruding kitchen fireplace in hotel 

JUMLA, Dec 14: A dalit has been thrashed to death in Jubitha-4,
Kalikot for intruding into the kitchen fireplace of an "upper-caste"

Manbir Sunar, 31, had gone to Jas Bahadur Shahi´s Dhara Hotel next
door to buy cigarettes after dinner Saturday evening.

He went to the burning stove to light a cigarette but two Thakuris
drinking alcohol on a table nearby felt offended. The inebriated duo
pounced upon him and thrashed him mercilessly. "He breathed his last
while being taken to District Hospital Sunday morning," his
heart-broken father Bir Bahadur said.

The assailants Min Bahadur of Jubitha-8 and Dip Bahadur of Jubitha-9
were old acquaintances. But the duo didn´t need any other reason to
mortally thrash Sunar.

"Preliminary investigations show there was no previous animosity among
them and Sunar was beaten due as Dalits are deemed untouchables,"
Chief District Officer (CDO) of Kalikot Durga Dutta Dhakal said.

Doctor at the District Hospital Rabindra Khadka said the deceased had
wounds all over his body with dysfunctional kidneys. He said report
from the Central Laboratory in Kathmandu will provide the details but
the hospital stated that he died after being unable to discharge urine
following injury on his genitals.

Khallagad Police Post has arrested the duo and CDO Dhakal said the
Shahis would be tried for murder. Meanwhile, various dalit right
organizations and activists have condemned the incident.

Published on 2011-12-14 06:00:46


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