Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Police file dalit atrocity case against activist



Police file dalit atrocity case against activist
TNN Oct 7, 2011, 04.37AM IST

MADURAI: The city police filed a dalit atrocity case against Peoples
Watch executive director Henri Tiphagne and his family members.
However, dalit organisations alleged that police had taken revenge
against the human right activist with the help of an innocent dalit.

Police said the allegedly accused persons have been identified as
Henri Tiphagne, a executive director of Peoples Watch and his wife
Cyanthia and her daughter Anita and her husband Pradeep Solomon. A
complainant Vallaarasu, a resident of Ansari Nagar, he was attended
the novel protest for the campaign against death penalty of Rajiv
Gandhi assassination case accused in Madurai on October 1. When the
accused person Pradeep Solomon discriminate him in the name of
community and others were supported with Solomon. Based on his
complaint, SS Colony police filed a case against four of them under
the five section including dalit atrocity act. However, pro-dalit
organisation alleged that police filed a foisted case against four of
them with a help of innocent dalits. Alliance for Dalit Rights (ADR)
has strongly condemned the arbitrary act of police against Henri
Tiphagne, Cynthiya, Pradeep Salomon Raj and Anita and by foisting fake
case against them under Sec 3 (i) X of SC/ST PoA Act 1989 persuaded by
the complainant.

"We came to know that the complainant Vallarasu worked in People's
Watch and left his job one year back. There was no evidence of caste
discrimination against Henri and others produced by the complainant
during his service at People's Watch organization. It is eventually
witnessing Vallarasu was persuaded by somebody else to defame Henri's
goodwill, prevent from his human rights engagements and service to the
marginalized communities", VR Ramesh Nathan, state convenor of ADR.

A Vinoth, a general secretary of Adi Tamizhar Viduthazhai Iyakkam told
TOI that Henri is continuously capacitating more number of Dalit human
rights activists across the country on various aspects of human
rights, SC/ST Act 1989 to monitor caste atrocity against Dalits and
assist them for getting justice.

Another one activist Thangavel, general secretary of Aruthathiyar
Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam told TOI, that Henri played a vital role
during the Durban Conference against racial discrimination held at
South Africa on 2001 where he mobilized many dalit movements and
organizations along with many other civil society organizations in the
country to participate in the UN conference against racism and
advocated for including caste discrimination in the UN agenda for
discussion during the conference. "It has brought out wider visibility
for dalit issues across the globe", he said.

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