Monday, October 17, 2011

[ZESTCaste] CM dedicates Dalit Prerna Stahl to people

CM dedicates Dalit Prerna Stahl to people

Friday, 14 October 2011 21:53
PNS | Noida

Dropping a bomb shell, Chief Minister Mayawati said on Friday that to
win the support of Dalits in the coming Uttar Pradesh Assembly
elections, the Congress-led UPA government could replace Dr Manmohan
Singh with a Dalit Prime Minister.

She even suggested the names of Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar and
Union Power Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde saying they could be
appointed PM before the UP elections.

"Scared of the BSP's popularity, the Congress is trying to drive a
wedge in the unity of Dalits. But the Congress will not succeed in its
design. The Dalits are supporting BSP and will do so in the Assembly
elections in 2012," Mayawati said while dedicating the Dalit Prerna
Stahl to the people in Noida on Friday.

While inaugurating her dream projects, Mayawati deftly played the
Dalit card. On the one hand she blasted the Congress for its
anti-Dalit policies, while, on the other, she hailed her government
for resurrecting the Dalit pride by erecting statues and building
memorials in the names of the Dalit leaders in Lucknow and Noida. She
even justified the construction of memorials in Noida saying that
while the western end of the Yamuna, on New Delhi side, had memorials
and statues of the members of Gandhi and Nehru families, on the
eastern side of the river, the BSP government had installed the
statues of Dalit leaders.

"It is only my government that has given pride and respect the Dalit
leaders deserve. The Congress, which ruled the country and Uttar
Pradesh for major part of the post-Independence period, did not care
to install statues of Dalit leaders like Shahuji Maharaj or Naraina
Guru along with the statues of the members of Nehru and Gandhi family.

They never gave a thought to this because the Congress leaders have no
respect for Dalit leaders. Only my government gave a thought to it and
installed statues of these leaders in Lucknow and Noida," the Chief
Minister said while addressing the BSP workers on the lawns of the
Dalit Prerna Sthal.

Mayawati minced no words while lashing out at Congress president Sonia
Gandhi for not keeping her words. "When on October 8, 2003, the then
BJP-led NDA lodged cases against me under DA and Taj Expressway and
CBI raided the houses of my relatives, Mrs Gandhi had phoned me up to
say that justice would be done to me when the Congress came to power.

"The Congress came to power in 2004 and is still in power for the last
seven years. But instead of giving me respite, the UPA government has
used the CBI to harass me only because I am a 'Dalit ki beti'. Both
the BJP and the Congress have used this premier investigating agency
against me for their political gains," she said.

Mayawati even cited the example of step motherly treatment being meted
out to the Uttar Pradesh government to prove that the Congress-led UPA
government was biased against her. She claimed that UP was denied Rs
21,385 crore central assistance whereas a canard was being spread that
the state had got additional money from the Central pool.

"I have written letters to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seeking
reservations for Jats and Muslims and increase in quota for SCs/STs in
proportion to their population. But my requests have remained
unheard," she said.

It was a master stroke for Mayawati to choose October 14 as the day to
inaugurate this project as on this day in 1956 Baba Saheb Bhimrao
Ambedkar had embraced Buddhism. On Friday too after showered rose
petals on the bronze statues of Dr Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and herself
and took the blessings of Buddhist monks who chanted prayers.

The Chief Minister inaugurated the Dalit Prerna Stahal and Green
Garden constructed at a cost of Rs 685 crore. Both the structures are
spread over 84 acre area.

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