Sunday, September 25, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Dalits killing: Haryana police rapped for inept handling

Dalits killing: Haryana police rapped for inept handling
PTI | 09:09 PM,Sep 24,2011

New Delhi, Sep 24 (PTI) The handling of Mirchpur Dalits killing
incident by Haryana police today came in for sharp criticisim from a
Delhi court which held that the possibility of implication of innocent
persons in the sensational case under "political pressure" cannot be
ruled out."The possibility of false implication of many of the accused
cannot be ruled out on account of political pressure only to work out
the present case," Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Kamini Lau said.The
court acquitted 82 of the 97 accused in the case including Vinod K
Kajal, the SHO of Narnaud Police station in Hissar district, saying he
did not have the ultimate power to take decisions."The manner in which
the whole thing (incident) was handled was improper. If he goes in,
then some senior officials will also go," the ASJ said.Though the
"possibility of extraneous interference cannot be ruled out" in the
case, the court said it has acquitted Kajal because neither negligence
against him has been proved nor the charge of not performing his
duties.The court orally said the fact that another official of the
Haryana government could not be held accountable for his "negligence"
because of the legal hurdle that a person belonging to SC/ST category
cannot be booked under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act."It is
related to office not caste," the judge said. PTI UPT ABA SJK RKS

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