Friday, September 2, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Dalit leaders to submit their Lokpal draft to Parliamentary Parliamentary Standing Committee

1 Sep, 2011, 04.48PM IST, PTI
Dalit leaders to submit their Lokpal draft to Parliamentary
Parliamentary Standing Committee

NEW DELHI: Claiming that the versions of the Lokpal Bill with the
government are "incomplete", a group of Dalit and minority leaders
will tomorrow submit their version of the anti-graft law to the
Parliamentary Standing Committee dealing with the issue.

The delegation led by Udit Raj, Chairman of All India Confederation of
SC/ST Organisations, will meet Standing Committee chairman Abishek
Singhvi and submit their version of the proposed law -- the 'Bahujan
Lokpal Bill' -- for consideration of the Parliamentary panel.

The group will seek the inclusion of monetary corruption,
socio-political corruption and religion-based corruption besides other

"The versions of government, Jan Lokpal Bill by Team Anna and NCPRI's
bill are incomplete versions to deal with corruption holistically.
These versions do not address the issues of SC/ST/OBC and minorities,"
a statement released by the group said.

The Dalit and minority community activists had earlier complained that
their voices were being ignored both by the 'civil society' and the

"Our draft will protect minority community by bringing the funds
allocated for minority welfare also under the ambit of Lokpal," Raj

The Bahujan Lokpal draft envisages bringing NGOs, corporate houses and
media under the ambit of Lokpal. Another provision includes
reservation for minorities in the 11-member Lokpal Committee.

Raj said they wanted their draft also to be considered by the
government and they were for a final version of the bill that
incorporates provisions from the Jan Lokpal draft, the Government's
draft, the NCPRI draft and also the Bahujan Lokpal society draft.

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