Saturday, September 24, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Atrocities on Dalits


Atrocities on Dalits


We hear a lot of lamentation about atrocities on our people. It seems just lamenting would end our woes.

We lament every time there is a new atrocity. The matter is reported. Some times, we protest and arrange morchas, seminars, lectures and write petitions. Then we forget about that till next episode occurs.

We have no short time methods to oppose these atrocities.

We do not have medium term methods to prevent these attacks and protect out people through legal means by arranging law help etc.

We do not have long time methods to prevent atrocities. Babasaheb had told us everything. We do not follow his advice.

He said leave your traditional occupations. We do not want to do that. We just get angry that Brahminists killed our five people at Jahjjar for skinning a dead cow. Why should our people still employ themselves as skinners? They should have left that long time back.

We lament that our people are still doing manual scavenging. How many scavengers have sent their girls to cities for learning and away from scavenging work?

We were told by our father to renounce the villages and come to cities. Why are we doing rotten work for these people in their village? We should have sent ALL our children to bigger cities by now, and preparing to sell out whatever rural assets we might have. It is better to work as a manual labor in cities than as a farm labor in a village.

City people did not do much for society, said Babasaheb. The least we could do NOW, is to form numerous housing projects for our inland-refugees coming from villages. This needs to be done on massive scale and on war footing.

Babasaheb said convert to Buddhism. Why did we not do this? Why there are still non-converted Dalits among us in most provinces?

I do not like postings describing atrocities. I would like to see the posting which mention what we have done about such atrocities.



Dr. K. Jamanadas


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