Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Socially boycotted dalits file case

Socially boycotted dalits file case

Shivakumar Menasinakai
Express News Service
Last Updated : 16 Aug 2011 12:21:22 PM IST

HUBLI: Thirty two dalit families in Nayakanur village, Navalgund
taluk, 54 Kms from Hubli, neither celebrated the Independence Day nor
did they stay at home to enjoy the national holiday. They seem to have
lost all hope.

Upper caste people have allegedly socially boycotted these families
under the pretext that they refused to sweep cow dung at the house of
an upper caste family. Though the controversy has been there it came
to light now since one of the dalit families lodged a complaint at
Navalgund police station alleging their social boycott.

According to Police sources Basappa Madar, 64, was working as servant
with Andanigouda Patil. Basappa and his wife recently refused to
continue working for Patil family. Then, Patil allegedly asked the
other families in the village not to give Basappa and his wife any
employment. When dalit families questioned this, Patil asked his
fellow villagers not to give work to any of the dalit families and
even to boycott them socially.

When the dalit families overcame their silent suffering and lodged a
complaint the Navalgund Police have took up a case against six persons
including Andanigouda Patil. However, the Police arrested Rajugouda
Patil, Neelakanthagouda Patil, Basappa Benneppanavar, Karibasappa
Javoor and Shankarappa Hugar and not the main accused Andanigouda

Inspector of the Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement Sunil
Megalamani had visited the village. He told Express that the local
police had been investigating and main person was absconding. The
dispute between Basappa and Patil family is the reason for the present
controversy, he added.

District Social Welfare Officer SR Mulla, who visited the village,
told Express that the district administration was firm to provide
employment for all dalit families in the village. The social boycott
issue would be strongly dealt with, he clarified.

But the worried dalit families have started migrating out of the
village. Dalit leader Marish Nagannavar said the situation was going
bad to worst day by day.

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