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[ZESTCaste] Saif: Why should they have any objections?

Saif: Why should they have any objections?
By: Shubha Shetty-Saha Date: 2011-08-09 Place: Mumbai
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Saif Ali Khan lashes out against detractors of his upcoming film
'Aarakshan' based on reservation

Aarakshan deals with a controversial topic. Were you at any point
anxious while signing on for the film?
No, not at all! When I read the script, I thought it was a great
opportunity for me. It is fantastic that Prakashji (the film's
director/producer Jha) has broached an area of political concern.
These issues are inherent in India and someone has to speak about

And now, with so many people raising objections to the film, what are
your thoughts?
I don't think what is happening is right. Once the Censor Board has
passed a film, without any cuts and with a U/A certificate, the least
one can do is allow the film to be released. Yes, the subject of the
film and the title itself has kind of invited controversies, but since
the Censor Board had no issues, I see no reason why there should be
objections raised by others? We must respect their judgement.

For someone like you who comes from an entirely diverse background,
was it a challenge to play a Dalit?
There is a certain responsibility that comes with every role. With
Aarakshan, there was a totally different kind of responsibility. Since
I was playing a Dalit and representing a certain community, I had to
take special care. I did a little bit of research. More than my
background, I think it is my fair skin and my personality that could
have worked against it. But I play this guy who is academically a
success, so with education comes a certain posture ¦ so that seemed
fine. But generally speaking, I think you and I will never be able to
understand what they have gone through, or have to go through. Dalit
children still have to clean toilets even while studying in government
schools. We have no idea what's happening in some parts of our

Your film Agent Vinod has also been riddled with controversies...
going over budget, then there were
reports of you not getting along with the director Sriram Raghavan...
Agent Vinod is releasing in December. Yes, there have been all kinds
of stories, which is a good thing. It is good publicity for the film.
The movie has been made well within the budget. I am looking forward
to the release of the film. As for me not getting along with Sriram,
that's not true either. Yes, we do discuss things, which is natural.
Otherwise, I have implicit trust in him.

Why did you launch another film, Cocktail, even before the release of
Agent Vinod?
That's because we were getting the dates of the stars at the same
time. Cocktail is almost 70 per cent complete and we are looking at a
February 2012 release.

You have been offered many TV shows like Master Chef, India's Got
Talent etc. Why have you been turning them down?
Yes, I have been offered television shows. I wouldn't like to disclose
which ones. Some thing or the other didn't work out. But I am very
much open to doing television.

There are stories that you are planning a 2012 wedding with Kareena Kapoor...
I don't want to talk about my personal life simply because it is
distracting, and the incessant talks about it can get quite annoying.
I want to come across as a serious professional and not just someone
who is being talked about because of his personal life.

But is the wedding happening soon?
It's not happening soon Whenever it happens, we will announce it.

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