Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Re: [The Buddhist Circle] Excellent article by Prof Thorat "Ambedkar's way & Anna Hazare's methods"


It's great article! It says, 'Dalits continue to stay in segregated localities in Anna's village.' 

It clearly shows the true (castiest) face Anna and his team.


Know Buddha, Know Life

No Buddha, No Life..!

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Subject: [The Buddhist Circle] Excellent article by Prof Thorat "Ambedkar's way & Anna Hazare's methods"

Dear All,

Jai Bheem!

I am forwarding you the article published in Hindu by Prof. Thorat. Excellent analysis by Professor Thorat.He has brought out the fact that how Coercive means forced Dr Ambedkar  to surrender the demand for a separate electorate. He also talks about the consequences of the "poona pact".  

Kiasn bapat Hajare and his so called civil society members should use constitutional means to put their demands and should not use un- democratic and un- constitutional measures.

When the lokpal bill be tabled in the parliament for discussion , we must put pressure on the MPs to discuss about the root cause of corruption i.e. Hindu Caste system and what measures are going to be taken to end the caste system. There is never a debate on caste system which is the main cause of all the problems in India.

Here is the link of the article

Ambedkar's way & Anna Hazare's methods


Dr Rahul Gajbhiye 

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