Friday, August 19, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Nepal: Woman tortured for marrying Dalit man

Woman tortured for marrying Dalit man

JAJARKOT, Aug 19: A woman has been severely tortured in Jajarkot for
marrying a man from the Dalit community. Chandra Singh of Relkot,
Pajaru-4, in western Jajarkot was tortured for marrying Jaya Bahadur
Nepali (Badi) of the same village. The marriage took place on July 28.

Following the marriage, Chandra´s relatives tortured her by tying her
with a rope.

Meanwhile, Jaya Bahadur is in hiding after receiving threats from
Chandra´s relatives. The relatives are continuing to issue threats,
said Jaya Bahadur´s father Makdul Badi. Jaya Bahadur, who is a teacher
at local Durga Primary School, has stopped going to the school. In
fact, the school itself is closed due to tensions.

The couple had fled to Dailekh to get married. But they returned four
days after the marriage following pressure from Chandra´s family
members. Thereafter, Chandra´s relatives took her and tortured her,
according to Makdul Badi.

Even on Wednesday, Chandra´s family members tortured her after finding
that she was seeing Jaya Bahadur, according to Rajendra Bikram Shah,
who had reached the village to provide a training there organized by
Women and Children Office.

Shah said he was not allowed to meet the victim.

Meanwhile, Ganesh Nepali (Badi) has lodged a complaint at the District
Police Office demanding an investigation and action against the

Police Inspector Rajendra Adhikari said a police team has been sent to
the village.

Published on 2011-08-19 06:00:47

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