Friday, July 8, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Rahul Gandhi attacks Maywati, says state being run by dalals

7 Jul, 2011, 07.48PM IST, Man Mohan Rai,ET Bureau
Rahul Gandhi attacks Maywati, says state being run by dalals

LUCKNOW: In one of his most stinging attacks on the Mayawati
government, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi on the third day
of his foot march said that 'dalals' (touts) were running Uttar
Pradesh. Stepping up his attack on Mayawati whom he had avoided
commenting upon when he started his foot march on Tuesday, Rahul
Gandhi said that because people were not united Uttar Pradesh was
being ruled by dalals.

Addressing farmers at Kirpalpur village in Aligarh on Thursday Rahul
Gandhi said that farmers land was being taken forcibly and they were
given meager compensation. He told villagers that unless they united
things would not change for the better for them as the state
government was working not for their welfare but for the benefit of

The Congress MP started the third day of his padyatra from Sarole
village in Aligarh and met villagers along his route urging them to
attend the kisan mahapanchayat rally in Aligarh on July 9. He had
started the foot march on Tuesday from Bhatta Parsaul near Greater
Noida to Agra along the Yamuna Expressway highway.

He said that farmers were willing to give land for development but
wanted compensation at market rates. He said that in Haryana there was
no farmers unrest on land acquisition as the policy there provided
market rates for their land as well as jobs.

He told villagers that the central government would present a new Land
Acquisition Bill in the coming session of the parliament which would
be in the farmers interest.

He said that though Mayawati government announced a new compensation
policy in UP after farmers agitations it would not benefit most
farmers as it would apply with prospective effect.

Rahul Gandhi said that during his interaction with villagers many
expressed the need for development and also giving up their land for
acquisition but they did not want to surrender their land for the
builders to make money.

He urged farmers to gather for the Maha Panchayat Rally in Aligarh on
July 9, and show the state government their collective might and
opinion on the states land acquisition policy.

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