Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Towards no child labor & soldiers (no space for adding trafficking).


Dear All

bulk of child labour, soldiers, children who are trafficked are dalits and adivasis in india.

While yesterday and day before facilitating a global workshop on justice in bangalore - it is increasingly emerging we need greater regional cooperation to keep imperialism out, south asia, africa et al.

the developed countries are dividing and ruling, and imposed on a structure of caste, ethnocity, class, islamophobia, patriarhcy it leads to a cook pot of lost innocence of children from these groups.

We need to question the relevance of the structure of un security council, world bank, wto, state, community, markets, household, marriage, instiutionalised religion, and colonial education which do not place justice at the center.



Dear Editor:

Twelfth June is No Child Labor Day.

ILO mentions that work that does not interfere with education (light work) is permitted from the age of 12 years under the International Labour Organization (ILO) Convention 138. Child Labor is more narrowly defined and refers to children working in contravention of the above standards. This means all children below 12 years of age working in any economic activities, those aged 12 to 14 years engaged in harmful work, and all children engaged in the worst forms of child labor. Worst forms of child labor include those children being enslaved, forcibly recruited, prostituted, trafficked, forced into illegal activities and exposed to hazardous work (

It is time to ask why economic growth and development is going hand in hand with child labor (estimated at 215 million children by ILO-
) and worst forms listed above.

Perhaps adopting the Pedagogy of Oppressed (Paulo Freire) it would be good for UN/ILO, Bretton Woods Institutions and World Trade Organisation to ask children above 12 years and their parents what should be done by developed countries, growing middle income countries (including transition ones from communism to market based ones) and low income countries to set right this reality for this generation and coming ones. Specifically what should be done at inter-state level, national level, market level (local to MNCs), community level, religious institution level and household and marriage level.

Justice, peace and sustainable living and development is the need of the hour. It is sad that this elusive for 215 million children as per official records, and perhaps more unofficially.

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