Monday, June 20, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Kannauj girl may never be able to see from left eye: Doctors

Kannauj girl may never be able to see from left eye: Doctors
Press Trust Of India
Kanpur, June 20, 2011

The Dalit girl, who was stabbed in her eyes allegedly by two youths
when she resisted a rape attempt, may never be able to see from her
left eye again, doctors treating her said in Kanpur. "The 14-year-old
victim was stabbed in both her eyes with some sharp-edged weapon but
the damage to her left ey
e is severe. The cornea of the left eye is totally damaged which may
result in loss of eyesight, principal of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi
Medical College Anand Swaroop said.

"When the victim was brought to the medical college here, her
condition was bad. Both the eyes were bleeding and her shoulders were
also injured," Swaroop said.

She was immediately admitted to the eye department and a team of
specialists attended her, he added.

The girl has been operated upon on both her eyes. Doctors say that
left eye is severely damaged but right eye is in a better condition.

"After being operated we asked her if she can see from her right eye
to which she admitted a blurred vision", Swaroop said.

The girl will be kept in the hospital for a minimum of one week. All
the expenses are taken care of by the medical department, Swaroop

Kuldeep (18) and Niranjan Yadav (17) attempted to rape the 14-year-old
girl when she had gone out in connection with some work in Gadwa
Buzurg village in Gursahaiganj area in Kannauj on June 18.

"When the girl raised an alarm, the duo attacked her with knives,
piercing her left eye and injuring the other.

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