Wednesday, June 22, 2011

[ZESTCaste] 'I never indulged in forceable conversion of Dalits': Pejawar Swami

'I never indulged in forceable conversion of Dalits': Pejawar Swami

Bangalore, Jun 18: Vishvesha Thirtha Swamiji of Udupi Pejawar Mutt
today clarified that he had never indulged in forcible conversion of
Dalits into Hindu nor had objected their conversion into Buddhism.

In a statement here, he said, ''I was surprised over the protests
against giving Diksha during my visit to Dalit colonies. Dalits, like
any citizen of this country, have right to choose their own religion
and as a citizen I too have right to advice, but it is left to them to
accept it or not.'' ''By giving advice I have not violated
constitution. I did advise in the interest of the society,'' he added.

He said in the colonies, he visited Dalits were worshipping Hindu Gods
and following Hindu culture. ''They are all Hindus, there is no doubt
about it and as such giving Diksha to them is not wrong or against any
religion.'' the Swmiji claimed.

''I am doing this not due to pressure from any corner but to help in
eradicating untouchability in the society.

My action was supported by one and all except leftists in Dalit community.

The Swamiji clarified saying that he had never said anywhere that
Hindu was the only religion. ''In the present political scenario there
is no possibility of removing caste system.

Keeping this in mind I am doing my best to remove untouchability and
bring equality in the society. This should not be misunderstood by
anybody,'' he added


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