Thursday, June 9, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Dalit boy roughed up

Tamil Nadu - Nagapattinam

Dalit boy roughed up

P.V. Srividya

NAGAPATTINAM: In the latest instance of caste discrimination in the
vicinity of the Malaimariamman temple in Vedaranyam, a Dalit boy was
roughed up for tugging at the temple car rope at the temple car
procession. This occurred in the aftermath of failed peace talks in
the area a fortnight ago when caste Hindus refused to let the idol be
taken in procession through the dalit colony en route to the temple.

A week ago, the thorny kattu karuvel (Prosobis Julieflora) had also
been dumped in a panchayat pond after it was found that dalit boys had
taken a dip in it, despite warnings. A petition was filed on behalf of
the District Bonded Labour Relief and Vigilance Committee, but no
action has been taken.

The temple and its vicinity is no stranger to such instances of
discrimination as evidenced by the well that was sealed with a
concrete slab in 2004 when it was found that dalits had refused to
heed instructions and drew water from it to bathe after the tonsure

Dalits in the area complain that often, those who are party to the
conflict also become judges who try to resolve the issue. Officials
continue to carry the baggage of caste loyalty, feels M.K.Subramaniam,
a Dalit and a worker in Chettipulam library

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