Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[ZESTCaste] revisiting HDI index


Dear All 

alteast at SAARC and Indian level we need to push for reworking on  indicators bycaste and other aspects of diversity. i have done it at global.. 

i have not parroted caste everywhere, except once.. but it is central. 

I frankly do not think it will be accepted



Please join this debate on economist 

Dear Madam/Sir

It is nice that majority feel that new indices for economic and social progress are required.
If Human Development Index- used by UN system has to be reworked on- and neither is GNP per capita adequate, what could be the alternative

If we could think of indicators of "ends" (what we finally want) and "means" (means of getting there) it would be good (Kabeer and Murthy, 1996*). Some random thoughts on this


- % malnourished across class, caste, race, sex, age, migrant/non migrant, rural/urban, slums/non slums, sexual and gender identity, different abilities etc
- healthy life expectancy (life expectancy is in adequate)- again across diversity
- education attainment (not enrolment) and actual ability to read, write etc across above aspects of diversity
- % reporting able to sleep without worry across above aspects of diversity
- % reporting freedom from violence across various aspects of diversity
- % holding justice related values on different aspects of diversity


- per capita productive asset base of the country- land, forest, oceans, water, minerals etc. and indicators of diversification of productive assets on which the economy is dependent.
- indicators of distribution of diversified productive assets across various aspects of diversity
- productivity indicators of assets and labour power in different sectors. Predictions for now and future.
- indicators of what people can exchange produce and labour power for (PPP) in terms of income/prices/wages etc across diversity
- workers stake in production (can we have some indicator on this) across diversity
- equity in access to health, education, child care, water, housing etc. in terms of access, quality, waiting time, costs etc across diversity
- education to employment conversion ratio across diversity
- equity in work load sharing between women and men and across other aspects of diversity
- equity in access to holidays across different aspects of diversity

Already HDI has attempted class and gender adjustment, but not the others.

with kind regards

Ranjani Kamala Murthy

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