Monday, May 30, 2011

[ZESTCaste] National dalit panel claims two boys missing in Greater Noida

National dalit panel claims two boys missing in Greater Noida
May 27, 2011, 01.31am IST

NEW DELHI: National Commission for SCs may summon officials of Gautam
Buddh Nagar, claiming that two dalit boys were missing since the
police action on Bhatta Parsaul.

NCSC chief P L Punia's day-long visit on Thursday to the villages hit
by farmer-police clashes appeared an extension of Congress's campaign
against UP chief minister Mayawati, starting with Rahul Gandhi 's
sensational charge of mass murder and rape.

Punia said dalit boys Anand and Ritesh had not returned home since the
Bhatta crackdown. "Their parents said they did not know about their
whereabouts... the villagers showed me burnt clothes of a missing
boy... the police indulged in atrocities on dalits in Bhatta, Parsaul
and Achhepur. It is shameful," he said.
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NCSC may summon the DM and SP for questioning and, if unsatisfied,
could file a case under the stringent anti-dalit atrocities law, a
sensitive move against the tallest SC leader in contemporary politics.

The panel's visit coincided with that of minister of state in PMO V
Narayansamy, who distributed compensation cheques to the injured in
villages as announced by the prime minister. Earlier, the National
Commission for Women too had questioned the state's claims.

The central tours formed part of Congress's attempt to mobilize
farmers against the ruling BSP, a fact which led to Mayawati slam
Congress for political opportunism with eyes on the 2012 polls.

The Congress aims to replicate Nandigram in UP where it has failed to
emerge as a serious player despite a surprise Lok Sabha show. The
anger in western region, party managers believe, can neutralize BSP's
caste networking by uniting farmers across the social divide, while
sustained focus on land acquisition can influence farmers elsewhere.

While Rahul's controversial claim of mass murder and rape by police
raised eyebrows, with negative result from forensic tests and family
accounts, Congress upped the offensive last week with Sonia Gandhi
leading the charge against Mayawati at the party's Varanasi
convention. Congress is keeping the mass murder accusation hanging as
evident from PMO ignoring any compensation for the dead.

Sources said the party focus is set to stay on Bhatta. Youth Congress
leaders have applied for details on land alongside the expressway
given to the industrialist developing it and the price paid to farmers
for land acquisition. Besides, it has asked the administration for
details of when and how Section 144 was imposed and lifted during the
turbulence, aimed at showing that it was done to hide the goings-on.

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