Monday, May 23, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Journalists asked to leave venue of Mayawati's function

Journalists asked to leave venue of Mayawati's function
Published: Sunday, May 22, 2011, 19:20 IST
Place: Haridwar | Agency: PTI

An altercation between journalists and BSP workers today reached to
such an extent during a party function, attended by Uttar Pradesh
chief minister Mayawati, here that the scribes were asked to
immediately leave the venue.

Mayawati was in the town to participate in a BSP workers' conclave
which wasorganised at the Rishikul ground, but no
seating arrangement was made for the journalists covering the function.

Finding no place to sit, journalists rested on a platform raised to
accommodate camerapersons of the electronic media.

This was resisted by the party workers who were finding it difficult
to see their leader.

The enraged workers later started throwing empty water bottles on the
scribes and asked them to go from there.

As altercation continued for sometime, the security personnel asked
the journalists to leave the place.

Later, Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister Achal Rajbhar also announced
from the dais that this is a BSP workers' conclave
and so the journalists should immediately leave the place.

After this, all the reporters later left the venue.

Earlier, Mayawati was presented two elephants, a sword and a necklace,
all made of gold, by the party workers.

Addressing party workers, Mayawati said the BSP would field candidates
on all seats in the Uttarakhabd assembly elections due early next

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