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[ZESTCaste] : India-Adivasi-the first citizen of india


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The Supreme court of india bench by Justice Markandey katju and Justice Gyan sudha mishra has clearly declared that the pre-drvidian aborgines
,ancestors of the present day adivasis were the original inhabitants of india.india is largely a country of immigrants.the supreme court judgment on 5th jan,2011
is an important one. the criminal appeal no.11 of 20011,coming out of special leave petition no.10367 of 2010 in kala and others  versus state of maharshtra  TR.taluka
the case was-Nandabai,25,belong to the Bhil tribe in maharshtra state.she was was brutally attacked and paraded naked by some anti-social elements.
According to these anti-social elements,she was having an illicit relation with a man from the upper caste man.the four accused were convicted by the indian penal code
and sentenced to rigorous imprisonment  for six months,one year and three months in three instances and to pay fine in cash.they were convicted under the the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes (prevention of atrocities)act,1989.and sentenced to  rigorous imprisonment for one year and a fine.but,the high court had acquitted them  of the
charges under the 1989act.

And the adivasis have been living in a genocide/ethnocide reality.the real base of the maoist movement of central india is adivasis.and their life conditions and the very survival
depends upon the classic primitive accumulation level.more and more new industrial projects are in the adivasi areas.adivasis are trying to fight their own way to protect their own
way of life.The Supreme Court judgment has clearly mentioned the present life realities of bhils and other adivasi communities of india.and quoting the Cambridge history of india(volume,1)ancient India,the Supreme court judgment  declared that  why did adivasis become the original inhabitants of india.

multiple life styles and the meaning of indian diversity have been reflecting in the adivasi life of india .If we negate the adivasis life means that the failure of the indian diversity.
.and the contributions of adivasis in India and their sacrifices for making this glorious  nation has been accepted by this supreme court judgment.

 about 92% of indain population are the decedents of migrants(more research needs-by The SC judgment).mundas of chotanagpur,orissa,w.bengal,todas of nilagiris of tamil nadu),
tribes in the andaman nicobar islands-these people have been the real inhabitants of india.The supreme court judgment is underling the importance of adivasi life in india.and in this  era,adivasis are in the midst of modernity,development,globalisation.the SC judgment reveals the reality.

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