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RamaDevi Arla Hansraj
date14 May 2011 19:00
subjectRe: Plan of Action for sending in money to Prabhavitha

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hey if the need be i can also send 10,000. just let me know when i should make the transfer.

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Date: 14 May 2011 18:44
Subject: Re: Plan of Action for sending in money to Prabhavitha
To: Anant Maringanti <>
Cc: Shiva Shankar <>,, Benjamin Kaila <>, harathi vageeshan <>,, Nagaraj Koppula <>,,, divya trivedi <>, Anoop Kumar <>, RamaDevi Arla Hansraj <>, bahujanstudentnetwork <>, ZESTCaste <>, mulnivasibahujans <>, humanhorizons <>, sakyagroup <>

On 14 May 2011 10:53, Anant Maringanti <> wrote:
Dear Friends, 

I apologise I could not write to you all yesterday. 

The commitments received so far are as follows:
Already collected here                                 10,000
Shiva Shankaran (Usha+Arul+Ananth)           10,000
Chittibabu Padavala                                     10,000
Sharmila Rege                                            10,000
Narayanan                                                  30,000 around July 16
Rama                                                         4,000
Nagaraju Koppula                                        2000
Hadke                                                        Unspecified
Vageesh                                                     Unspecified
Total                              76000 +

I suggest that we do this in two or three steps. 

1) Let us  first take in the contributions from Chittibabu, Shiva Sankaran and Sharmila Rege (adding up to 30,000) right away. All these can probably be done through a net transaction. I will provide the bank details below. Just in case there is any difficulty with doing an online transaction, you can mail the cheque or draft to my address which is also given below. I can deliver it to Prabhavita. That covers 40,000 (including the 10000 we have already given her from here) of the 50K that is requested. 

Account holders name: Prabhavitha

Account No. : 62082883931

Bank: State Bank of Hyderabad

Medchal Branch (Branch code 20091)

IFSC code SBHY0020524 
MIRC code 500004070

(For those of you who are not familiar with the region, 'Medchal' is in Ranga Reddy district, which is the outskirts of Hyderabad.)

Please let me know when you send the cheque or do the net transaction so I can keep track of the transfer. It will be great if we can wrap this up by coming Wednesday - counting for delays in bank transactions etc.

If you want to mail a cheque or draft please make it out in Prabhabitha's name and courier it to my my mailing address
Anant Maringanti
Srisainivasam Flat 503
Tarnaka Street No. 14, Lane No. 13
Phone: 09618251776

2) I am meeting with Prabhavitha and her father tomorrow. I want to make sure that they have not underestimated the expenditure because they were just too embarrassed to ask even for this money. I am going to ask a friend to help with any shopping that Prabhavitha may need to do. I will update you all on how that goes. And then we can take in the other contributions - Rama, Hadke, Vageesh and Nagaraju in that order. 

3) In July we can get in whatever remains to be covered when Dr. Narayanan returns to India. 

I must say that when I posted that note on facebook, I was just not prepared for this kind of response. I just thought it is important for people to become aware of life trajectories such as that of Prabhavita and her father. It is hard to explain this, but if any of you is interested there is an English translation of a Telugu short story by Allam Rajaiah (Manishilopali Vidhwamsam) titled Desolation within (translate by K balagopal)
It is in this book here

Prabhavitha's family comes from the social and geographical context captured in that gut wrenching and landmark short story written a couple of years before Prabhavitha's father surrendered. 

Money is important and needed, but I thought we would just have to figure out locally how to meet these needs. But after seeing this response, I am wondering if we can organise some sort of a roster of commitments and a designated bank account maintained by one person to whom requests can be directed. I can think of several workable models for something like that. If the idea makes sense we can think about the details. 



Phone: +91 9618251776

Srisainivasam Flat 503
Tarnaka Street No. 14, Lane No. 13
India 500017

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