Friday, May 13, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Dalit group upset with Jha, for casting Saif

Dalit group upset with Jha, for casting Saif
By: The Hitlist Team Date: 2011-05-13 Place: Mumbai

Dalit group in Patna is up in arms against Prakash Jha for casting
'royal' Saif Ali Khan as a member of the scheduled caste in

A Dalit group in Patna is upset with Prakash Jha, for casting Saif Ali
Khan as a Dalit in his next film Aarakshan.

The movie that deals with reservation issue has Chhote Nawab playing
Deepak Kumar, a member of the schedule caste.

A certain Dalit Suraksha Samiti has sent Jha a letter of protest,
claiming that getting someone like Saif Ali Khan a blue blood to play
a Dalit, is an insult to their community.

The letter also threatens Jha of 'serious repercussions' if he doesn't
explain why has he cast Saif for the role. Jha says, "Yes, we have
received a letter.

My people are looking into it. We have not filed any complaint yet. It
does not seem to be a registered organisation."

Jha, who has always tried to bring to fore the plight of political and
developmental initiatives in Bihar through
his films says that he cannot fathom the organisation's problem.
"Dalit groups should be happy that we are making a film about

I can't understand why anybody should be offended if Saif, being from
a royal family, is cast as a Dalit. As directors, we cast actors who
we think are suitable for the role. I thought Saif would be right for
the part, so I cast him," he says.

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