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Re: [ZESTCaste] CII survey says India Inc. employs 18% Dalits


one needs to compare with % in population, in south proabbaly dalits proportion is higher in pop than in industries can we check. i think it is terrible that they are found little in top management. Sex disaggregated would be good. also information on boards and share holders % would be useful. SHARES - WHO IS BENEFITING OUT OF GROWTH IN SERVICES AND INDUSRY.



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CII survey says India Inc. employs 18% Dalits
Divya Trivedi

New Delhi, April 25:

In the first such mapping exercise of its kind, industry body
Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has found that as much as 18
per cent of the work-force of its member companies are Dalits.

This was revealed by Mr B. Muthuraman, Vice-Chairman, Tata Steel Ltd,
in his first interaction with media as CII's new President.

Internal surveys by CII revealed that about 16.2 per cent of the work
force in the South, 22 per cent in the North, 16 per cent in the West
and 24 per cent in the East are Dalits.

On the face of it, these numbers sound positive, but as Mr Muthuraman
pointed out, most of them are employed in lowest grade jobs in
companies and their numbers in the managerial and other higher posts
are minimal or negligible.
Skills upgradation

We should have more skills upgradation programmes for them in order to
scale up their jobs, he added. But he was against making affirmative
action compulsory for companies. He said, "Nothing in life will work
if made compulsory. We should learn from the US's positive

Leading sociologist, Professor Surinder S Jodhka welcomed the news,
but added a word of caution. "We need to know the proportionate
numbers — whether the employees surveyed are permanent or contractual.
Also, there are variations in the types and categories of employees
and the industries they are employed in," he said. According to him,
Dalits may be employed in large numbers at the low-level jobs in
companies, but the problem is that discrimination happens at higher

The former Chairman of the University Grants Commission and Economist
Professor, Mr Sukhadeo Thorat, said, "I heard that CII conducted the
survey, and that there are State-wise variations. But is the survey
sample based? How have they mapped the employees? Will CII henceforth
maintain a record of their employees' social backgrounds?"

Both Prof Jodhka and Prof Thorat urged that the report be made public
by CII for more deliberations.

For the record, India Inc has been opposing government legislations on
affirmative action for the private sector.

A few years ago, a CII-Assocham committee had been formed under Mr
J.J. Irani, to prepare a report on what industry could do to deepen
representation of weaker sections in Indian industry

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