Friday, April 1, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Uttar Pradesh: Dalits face ire of Mayawati's policemen

Uttar Pradesh: Dalits face ire of Mayawati's policemen
Piyush Srivastava | Lucknow, April 1, 2011 | Updated 13:46 IST

Mayawati and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) rode on Dalit power to
storm the 2007 elections in Uttar Pradesh. However, a year before the
state goes to polls, Dalits seem to be at the receiving end.

In a recent incident, a Dalit village came under attack from
policemen, and a pregnant woman, who was severely beaten up, suffered
a miscarriage.

All this was because of 'mistaken identity'! On Wednesday night, about
three dozen policemen armed with rifles and batons swooped on
Kunwarpur village under Jafirnagar police station in Badaun district
of Uttar Pradesh.

They first entered the house of Morshree Valmiki and started beating
her up. When her daughter Sangeeta tried to flee, they attacked her as
well. Twenty-six-year old Sangeeta was three months pregnant and
suffered a miscarriage because of the severe beating.

The police then entered the house of Brajpal Valimiki and hit him with
the butt of a rifle. When the neighbours questioned, the police
attacked them as well. They also dragged Pappu Valmiki and his brother
Bhai Pratap, alias Munna, out into the streets before detaining them
at the police station for two hours.

But just as the assault had begun all of a sudden, it also came to an
abrupt end.

"All of a sudden, one of the policemen told us to get lost. When we
asked why they had attacked us and kept us in custody, they told us
that they were
looking for a youth named Munna, who belongs to Kunwanpur village
under Atrauli police station in Aligarh district," Pappu said.

Munna had apparently eloped with the daughter of a policeman posted in
Madhya Pradesh. The policeman had then called up the police in Badaun
and asked them to catch hold of Munna, which triggered the police

Subhash Tiwari, station officer of Jafirnagar, admitted they had
raided a wrong village.

"When we tried to talk to Munna of Badaun, he was drunk and didn't
reply to our questions. So we thought he was the culprit. But we
released them as soon as we realised our mistake," Tiwari said.

Morshree, though, refuted Tiwari's claim. "They attacked us without
asking any question. At least four villagers have sustained serious
injuries. We couldn't take them to the hospital as it is far off. The
police should have apologised to us and taken the injured to the
hospital for treatment."

Senior superintendent of police V.K. Chaudhary said an inquiry has
been launched into the incident.

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