Thursday, April 7, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Retired dalit officer''s room ''cleansed'' using cowdung water

Retired dalit officer''s room ''cleansed'' using cowdung water
PTI | 03:04 PM,Apr 07,2011

Thiruvananthapuram, Apr 7 (PTI) In a shocking incident, the office
room and furniture used by a senior government official belonging to a
Scheduled caste community here were 'cleansed' by sprinkling cowdung
water, allegedly by some employees shortly after his retirement from
service. A K Ramakrishnan, who retired as Inspector General of
Registration on March 31, has moved the State Human Rights Commission
seeking an inquiry into the incident. He said in the complaint that he
had reliable information that some employees in the office sprinkled
'cowdung water' over the tables, chairs and even inside the office car
used by him while in service. He said he believed that the 'cleansing'
was performed as he belonged to an SC community and it amounted to
violation of his human rights and civil liberties. After registering a
case based on the petition, SHRC Chairman Justice N Dhinakar sent a
notice to the Secretary Taxes, seeking a report on the allegation by
May 7, SHRC sources said. Asked about the incident, Ramakrishnan said
he would vigorously pursue the case as he considered it as an insult
to the socially depressed class. "I take this not just as a personal
insult. This is a humiliation heaped on the socially depressed classes
as a whole. If this is the experience of a person who had held the
topmost post in a government department, what would be the situation
of ordinary people belonging to the lower rungs of social strata?"
Ramakrishnan told PTI. "All these five years when I worked as IG of
Registration I had bitter experiences. But I have suffered them
without getting worked up. But what has happened even after my
retirement is really painful," he said.

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