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Re: [ZESTCaste] A tribute to Dr Ambedkar on his 120th birth anniversary


Will the RSS cooperate to handover the MASTERKEY to
Ms Mayawati as the Prime Minister of PraBuddha Bharath as desired by
Dr.Ambedkar, the father of the Constitution by wholeheartedly accepting the
same. Instead of talking about merit, they must accept distribution of wealth
to all sections of the society, including, land, healthy seeds, education, job opportunities,
with good governance without corruption.
Cong, BJP trying to do away with SC/ST
reservation: Maya

Madurai : BSP leader and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has
alleged that both Congress and BJP were trying to do away with
reservation system introduced by B R Ambedkar for the uplilftment of
SCs and STs.

Accusing the two parties of failure to
improve the socio-economic
conditions of SC/STs and other oppressed classes, she claimed BSP was
the only party that followed the footsteps of Ambedkar and fulfilled
his dreams of social transformation in general and SC/ST emancipation
in particular.

Addressing an election meeting in
support of her party candidates in
the April 13 Tamil Nadu Assembly polls, she said her government had
done a lot for economically poor among the upper castes in Uttar
Pradesh besides helping the oppressed classes.

In Uttar Pradesh, there was reservation
for poor people of the upper
caste also. Her party was dependent on not only SC/STs, but poor and
middle class people of all the castes, Mayawati said.

She asked the people of Tamil Nadu to teach a lesson to the Congress,
DMK and AIADMK and make BSP a force in the state.

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A tribute to Dr Ambedkar on his 120th birth anniversary
RSS is successful in bringing social equality and harmony
By V Shanmuganathan

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