Thursday, April 14, 2011

Re: [ZESTCaste] Low-caste India man's office 'cleansed' with cow dung


The similar humiliation of cleansing the retired dalit officer's room, has also happened in another case of a highly ranked dalit officer (General Manager) in a Government office in New Delhi, in which complaint was given to National Commis...sion for Scheduled Castes & also to Police, but no action is taken after continuous pursuation by victim. Since casteist perpetrators are high influential position holding bureaucrats, NCSC and Police did not act, hence extending indirect support and encouragement to casteist oppressors to further increasingly harass and humiliate the victimised GM.
The incident happened in May,2008 in New Delhi office of that Government of India organisation (at Hansalaya Building, Barakhamba Road), when this SC General Manager was shifted from his room to another small room; and other high caste officer was being shifted to his room (which was a decent room, hence dalit officer was not allowed to continue there). To purify the room and the surrounding hall, Puja (religious purifying ceramony) was performed there by the group of high caste officials. Also the lock of SC GM was broken to open it to perform the puja there. The said dalit GM was the senior most dalit officer at Delhi head office of the said organisarion (under Ministry of Commerce) hence he was not being tolerated by the high caste top management of the organisation; and was being continuously harassed and discriminated. 
The perpetrators are highly emboldened in the continuing state of victim not geting justice & protection fromanywher; and continue to increasingly harass & harm the victim, repeatedly taking one harassment action after another.  In Dec,09 perpetrators transferred the victim from Delhi to Hyderabad to torture his whole family (perpetrators discriminatorily transferred victim as no other high caste officer equivalent to victim's rank is ever transferred in that organisation; but victim was transferred repeatedly second time to an office where no work exists & no senior officer of victim's rank ws required).
The unfortunate victim is myself.
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Low-caste India man's office 'cleansed' with cow dung

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