Friday, March 11, 2011

Re: [ZESTCaste] Special screening of ‘Dr. Ambedkar' evokes good response in Hosur


Dear All:

Why are we blind towards inequities in the world? We believe in karma or sin (many Hindus, Christians and some Budhists- I am part of Soka Gaki international where i am battling this attitude to poor).  Perhaps the Muslims are a bit better on equity front but not necessarily democracy - they pay tax to the mosque for the poor (whether they get used or not merits investigation). They believe in islamic banking.. no interest.

Let us apply Karma/sin theory to our own lives, but not to our attitudes towards the poor, dalits, blacks, adivasis and women.  In India we elite spend Rs 2000 on a meal without blinking an eye lid, when we are reluctant to pay the same to domestic workers for a month for two hours work.  I am repeatedly told the poor are poor as they must have done bad deeds earlier.

Governments and banks, indirectly, also believe the same.  I am offered loans at 12% on a daily basis on my cell phone,  while the poor- mainly dalits, adivasis, landless, migrant workers-  have to get loan at a much higher rate. Is this justice? This is not true just of India, but also neighboring countries 

It is time we know the rights of domestic workers, home based workers,  drivers, flower vendors, vegetable sellers, construction workers  and innumerable unorganised workers who make our lives easy (mainly from marginalised communities), and ensure that we comply with rule of the land and help them get the facilities they are due. 

Companies must stop informalizing workers to evade labor labor laws. Do you know that the proportion of informal workers has increased. Where is corporate responsibility? To throw pittance, after making workers poorer?  

Bharatiar at the time of independence "said now our land, oceans, trees are ours- equally", but is it? The government alone is not to blame, but the global economic order is to blame.


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Special screening of 'Dr. Ambedkar' evokes good response in Hosur

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