Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[ZESTCaste] So what if security officer cleaned Mayawati's shoes, asks BSP

So what if security officer cleaned Mayawati's shoes, asks BSP

NDTV Correspondent, Updated: February 08, 2011 22:24 IST

Auraiya: Mayawati's party can't understand why a security officer
bending to clean the Chief Minister's shoes is a matter of any

"It's the same as if it rains, and someone's shoes get dirty, and then
others help to clean off the mud. What is wrong in that?" asked a BSP
MLA, Syed Kazim Ali Khan.

After Mayawati got out of her helicopter yesterday, her Personal
Security Officer was seen taking a handkerchief out of his pocket. He
then bent to polish her footwear, while she spoke to others on an
official visit to the Auraiya district in South-West UP.

The UP Cabinet Secretary too downplayed the incident. He backed the
security officer and said it was his responsibility as the thing stuck
in Mayawati's sandal could have caused her injury.

The security officer in question is reportedly named Padam Singh, a
retired police officer who was given an extension to serve Maywati. He
was allegedly seen as close to the Chief Minister and her mentor,
Kanshi Ram, when they had just entered politics.

Sources say that it's Padam Singh who decides whether senior police
officers in UP can get appointments with the Chief Minister.

J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah took a swipe at his UP counterpart
over twitter.

He tweeted: I won't let my security chaps carry my briefcase but I
guess to each their own.

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