Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Silver Jubilee Celebration of Ambatitthak Buddha Vihar Ambhora Dist. Nagpur (India) on February 20, 2011. [1 Attachment]

[Attachment(s) from Dr. Milind Jiwane included below]

Silver Jubilee Celebration of Ambatitthak Buddha Vihar Ambhora
Dist. Nagpur (India)on February 20, 2011.
Ambatitthak Buddha Vihar Multipurpose Developemnt Institution &
World Peace Buddhist Council jointly going to organize " Silver Jubilee
Celebration of Ambatitthak Buddha Vihar " at Ambhora Tah. Kuhi Dist.
Nagpur (India) at their premises on February 20, 2011. The said organizing
Committee also celebrating 61st Birth Anniversary of Ven. Dr. Nandawardhan
Bodhi, Chief of the said Buddha Vihara. On the said function, the following dignitaries will be attended.
* Panchsheel Flag Hosting : Ven. Shivani Bodhanand Thero
* Patron : Ven. Bhadant Sadanand Mahathero, Chief of Bhikku Sangha.
* Inauguration : Dr. Nitin Raut, Cabinate Minister, Maharashtra.
* Chief Guests : Hon. Tsiring Swam Zang, Tibetan Govt. Officer.
Hon. Indresh Gajbhiye , New Delhi.
Hon. Devendra Phadanvis, MLA
* Chief Orators : Ven. Bhadant Sangharatna Manke, Nagpur
Prof. Dr. Bhau Lokhande, Nagpur
Dr. Milind Jiwane (President, Ashwaghosh Foundation)
Prof. Balchandra Khaandekar, Nagpur
Dr. Ramesh Janbandhu, Nagpur
Amar Ramteke, AIR
Dr. Rajabhau Tanksale, Nagpur
* Monks Representatives : Ven. Satyasheel Mahathero, Ven. Vishudhinand,
Ven. sheelbhadra, Ven. N Bodhiratna,
Ven.Vannasami, Ven. B Jinanand, Ven. Mettanand,
Ven. Dr Dhnyanratan, Ven. Vavwasi Priyadarshi,
Ven. N Sangat, Ven. Gunawardhan Bodhi,
Ven. Nagit, Ven. Dhammaghosh, Ven. Sacchak,
Ven. Shantrakkhit, Ven. Vinitananda,
Ven. Dhammatap, Ven. Rohan, Ven. Sariputta,
Ven. Sumedh Bodhi, Ven. Abhayputta
Journalists : Mr. Milind Fulzele, Mr. Thete, Mr. Hansaraj Meshram,
Mr. Ashok Ramteke, Mr. Kishor Lute
Conduct : Mrs. Sunanda Khairkar
With Best Compliments From :
Ven. Dr. Nandawardhan Bodhi & Organizing Committee


Attachment(s) from Dr. Milind Jiwane

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