Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Dalit girl raped by three, sold for Rs 50,000



Dalit girl raped by three, sold for Rs 50,000
TNN, Feb 1, 2011, 01.57am IST

AHMEDABAD: A 24-year-old girl was abducted and raped by a group of
three persons in Amraiwadi. She was then sold for Rs 50,000 to a
prospective groom in a village of Amreli. The girl was abandoned by
her husband and in-laws last week when they realised that she was not
from the same caste.

The victim was sent for medical examination after she filed a
complaint with the Amraiwadi police on Monday. The Dalit girl, a
resident of Baliyanagar in Amraiwadi, used to work as a skilled
labourer at Bharti Estate near Rabari Colony.

As per her complaint, she was abducted by a co-worker Manu Vankar who
took her to an isolated spot in Bhuriyo Rabari's autorickshaw. There
she was raped by Vankar. Later, one Lagha Bharwad also violated her

According to police, the gang held her captive for more than six
months at different places in Ahmedabad district and elsewhere where
she was repeatedly raped by Vankar. Then they took her to several
villages to pass her off as a prospective bride. They finally struck a
deal at Jambuda village in Amreli district where they got Rs 50,000
and forced her to marry Gabhru Rabari.

"Vankar had told Gabhru that the girl was an orphan and has been in
their care since many years," said M S Sindha, inspector of Amraiwadi
police station.

Soon after the marriage in November, 2010, Gabhru noticed his wife's
behaviour suspicious and when he confronted her, the girl told him her
tale of woes. Furious, Gabhru tried to hunt down the trio who had
duped him but in vain. He then left her near her residence in
Amraiwadi last week. The girl later lodged a complaint with Amraiwadi

"We have sent the victim to Civil Hospital for clinical examination.
The case will subsequently be transferred to the city's SC/ST cell for
further investigation," said Sindha.

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