Tuesday, January 4, 2011

[ZESTCaste] Telangana Will Have a Dalit CM, Muslim Deputy CM: TRS



Telangana Will Have a Dalit CM, Muslim Deputy CM: TRS
Hyderabad | Jan 03, 2011

TRS President K Chandrasekhar Rao today said his party would make a
Dalit leader as Chief Minister and a Muslim Deputy CM and implement
the "Naxal agenda" of providing food and shelter to the poor after the
formation of separate Telangana state.

"I have said earlier too that we will implement the Naxal agenda after
separate Telangana is formed. After all, Naxals are also human beings.
They are fighting for providing food, shelter and other basic needs of
the people," he said.

He was addressing a gathering at the TRS office here after a
surrendered Maoist leader, Sambasivudu, joined the regional party. Rao
said several leaders of his party had worked with revolutionary

Pointing out that about 80 per cent of people in Telangana belonged to
backward classes, Dalits, minorities or other such poorer sections of
the society, Rao said his party would make a Dalit leader as Chief
Minister of Telangana state and a Muslim as Deputy CM.

Land would be distributed to the poor and agricultural investment
provided to them, he said.

Telangana people have been suppressed and atrocities committed
against them since decades by the landlords, razakars (collaborators)
during the Nizam rule and faced police action at the time of
Independence and "non-Telangana rulers" after the formation of Andhra
Pradesh, he said.

Telangana is now fighting for statehood and the Centre should keep
its promise to form the separate state by introducing a Bill in the
budget session of Parliament, the former Union Minister said.

Rao said ruling Congress would be routed if it invited the wrath of
Telangana people by not keeping its promise to form the separate

Taking exception to AP Congress President D Srinivas deputing two
representatives to the January 6 meeting convened by the Centre, Rao
wondered how can Congress send representatives from both Telangana and
non-Telangana regions.

"Srinivas belongs to Telangana. How can he send two representatives
from Telangana and non-Telangana to the meeting? Is this the help he
is doing to Telangana? TRS is boycotting the meet because it will be
an exercise in futility if divergent views are expressed. Congress
would be routed if they invited the wrath of Telangana people."

The Union Home Ministry has convened a meeting of eight recognised
political parties in Andhra Pradesh on January six to discuss the
Srikrishna Committee report.

Alleging that the Centre was deliberately inviting divergent views on
the issue, TRS had yesterday announced that it would boycott the meet.

Rao demanded the Centre introduce a Bill in the budget session of
Parliament for formation of separate Telangana as it announced last

The TRS chief sought withdrawal of central security personnel deployed
in large numbers in Telangana.

The TRS President said he decided to skip the January 6 meet in Delhi
because the Centre may assume that there is no consensus on the
statehood issue.

If the parties are allowed to send two representatives -- one each
from Telangana and non-Telangana regions, there would be divergent
views, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Sambasivudu said he had quit the
revolutionary ideology and decided to work for a separate Telangana
state in a democratic way.

Addressing a gathering of Telangana Commercial Tax department
employees, Rao said all Telangana employees should fight unitedly if
any government employee from the region faced harassment.

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