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[ZESTCaste] My open letter to so-called “Dalits”

My open letter to so-called "Dalits"
On January 29, 2011, in Call for action, Reservations/ Affirmative
Action, by Sanjeev Sabhlok

The "Dalits" are not slaves – they should wake up and throw away their chains!

I am sick of hearing that the "Dalits/Harijans/SCs" have been
oppressed in the past and so INNOCENT non-oppressors must COMPENSATE
them today. That is a shoddy argument that beggars belief, but forms
part of the reservations rigmarole which has condemned India to
mediocrity, and led to the exodus of (most) Indians capable of
standing on their own feet in the face of world-level competition.

This disease of affirmative action has spread even into 'gender'
matters, such as reservations for women. The thinking capacity of
Indians is worsening with each passing day, till the point is now
close when they won't be able to distinguish the right from the wrong,
good from bad, evil from greatness.

What is particularly galling is that the "Dalits/Harijans/SCs" are
themselves at the forefront of this ridiculous demand for continued
reservations. I wrote a detailed article on this subject but
apparently not many people have read it. Please read it. It clarifies
why reservations are FUNDAMENTALLY wrong and UNJUST, and offers a
clear way out of this mess.

But let me put out a CLEAR message to my so-called "Dalit" friends
today. I say "so-called" because it is THEY who call themselves
Dalits. I don't call them such names nor see them differently from ANY
other human being.

Dear Friends!

If you know me by now, you'll also know that I treat EVERYONE around
me as an EQUAL HUMAN BEING. People are different in talent and
capacity, but being equal humans, each deserves the same level of
regard – and political rights.

You also know by now that I have no engagement with any religion. I do
retain, however, some affinity for many Hindu philosophical concepts
and those of Buddhism (plus some affinity with good things from all
religions). In any event I do know some things about Hinduism. This
one thing is clear beyond the slightest iota of doubt: that the idea
of a hereditary caste system does not form part of the original
conceptions of Hinduism and was introduced much later, as a

Let me make it clear, that as a FREE human being (no less, no more), I
have discarded ALL religion and take on, as a guide to my thinking,
only what I decide is right. I discard all garbage; all rubbish; all
false ideas. I don't care for blindly obeying anyone who is living or
dead. I ONLY trust in myself. That is because as a human being I THINK
FOR MYSELF. Because I am a human and not a sheep, nor a coward afraid
of 'big names' or 'scriptures'.

You, my good friend, are NOT a slave. Please note that when you
advocate the false and flawed socialist policy of reservations (based
on the nonsensical idea of 'social justice'), you become PARTY TO THE
CRIME and INJUSTICE that this represents. By doing so, you also
connive with (rather than challenge) the FALSE system of caste that is
NOT part of Hinduism as it was and should be. Indeed, by accepting and
acknowledging your caste, you become a slave to the distortions of

TODAY PLEASE BECOME A FREE MAN. Yes, today, not tomorrow. Not when you
have squeezed out more undue benefits from the 'reservations' system
for yourself and your children, but TODAY.

TODAY if you are an honest man (or woman) nothing stops you from
freeing yourself from the caste system but you, yourself. You are your
own greatest enemy today. None other but you are holding you back. No
living or dead man is blocking your freedom.

Personally speaking, I would be deeply offended if in a race in the
Olympics or in a match in the Wimbledon I was given additional points
(or a special handicap) just because of my 'caste'. That would destroy
my confidence in myself totally. I want to know HONESTLY how I fare in
this world after my best efforts. I don't want to be molly-coddled. I
am NOT a TODDLER needing a pat on my back. I am a MAN.

Today I challenge you to grow up into a MAN (or woman), and stop being
a SELF-IMPOSED slave. I challenge you to become a free human being –
capable of thinking for yourself. If you are a man (or woman) and not
a slave, you will THROW OUT YOUR CHAINS – RIGHT NOW.

If, however, it is sheer GREED for reserved seats that makes you stick
to a FLAWED version of Hinduism, then you are CONTEMPTIBLE and deserve
the calumny that is often attributed to your caste by ignorant fools.
You can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't claim to want to be
treated with respect, but want reservations too.

If you are SERIOUS about gaining self-respect, you will REJECT
HINDUISM OUTRIGHT, RIGHT NOW – or at least any version of Hinduism
that treats you with contempt. REJECT YOUR CASTE. REJECT YOUR
RELIGION. Rise ABOVE these things. If you are bothered that a
"Brahmin" priest doesn't let you enter a temple then BUILD YOUR OWN

The Upanishads say: Tat Tvam Asi. You are it. You are the God so for
God's sake! get some self-respect into your bones.

Join me today in freedom. Become a free human being. Lead your own
life: choose your own destiny.

If anyone dared to judge me on my 'caste' (which I once had) I would
SPIT on that person. I care to be judged by my acts, by my
contributions. I want to be ONLY an ORDINARY human being. That is
creditable enough – if I rise to the standards expected of a good

If I can kick my so-called 'caste' with my shoes and break ALL
shackles to my thinking capacity, then why do you want to stick to
your stupid 'caste'? SPIT ON IT. THROW IT AWAY.

Reject it outright. Right now!! And having done that, learn about the
ways of freedom. Critical thinking is the foundation of freedom. Read
The Discovery of Freedom (still a draft).

Then learn how, as citizens of FREE India we can ensure that all our
children are educated effectively. Read Breaking Free of Nehru
(Chapter 6 in particular) on how this can be done. And when you –
FINALLY -understand the meaning of freedom and want a free India, then
JOIN THE FREEDOM TEAM. Together, we will transform India's policies to
ensure that EVERY child is educated in the best possible way.

After that is done, let all people in India compete on merit and let
the best win.

Let's oppose reservations tooth and nail, equally as we demand freedom
for everyone and expect them to behave with self-respect.

Your sincerely,

Sanjeev Sabhlok

29 January 2011


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