Thursday, January 6, 2011

[ZESTCaste] My best friend Devdas Adidela no more


Dear friends,

With unbearably heavy heart I am writing this. Mr Devdas Adidela one of the best friends of mine passsed away today in Hyderabad. He was just 50.


I knew him since 1992 and we were like brothers though we share no blood relationship.  Ambedkar Scholarships started with his help. When I was looking for someone to help me and found none to come forward to shoulder responsibility, it was he who helped lay its foundations. He was one of the good-heated persons I knew in my entire life.


Though he left Ambedkar Scholarships due to trivial differences two years ago, we have remained to be good friends. When I was in India, I met him couple of times. When I called him on Dec 25 to wish him Merry Christmas, I felt he was happy as ever. I never imagined that the end is so near.


I am still unable to recover from the death of my younger brother whom I lost in May 2010. This news coupled with my brother's death is a big blow to my orale and feel as if I am also dead. It is too much my frail heart.


Why good people go so early? Unanswered question!


I have very few friends in my life; with Devdas I lost a good friend, a brother, and above all a good human.


With heavy heart,

Benamin Paul Kaila 

An educated man without character and humility was more dangerous than a beast. If his education was detrimental to the welfare of poor, he was a curse to society.
-Babasaheb Dr B R Ambedkar

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