Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[ZESTCaste] School drop-out scripts Ambedkar Purana

School drop-out scripts Ambedkar Purana
Basavaraj F Kattimani, TNN, Dec 14, 2010, 09.51pm IST

GADAG: Being a school drop-out did not deter Ramanna Byati of
Betageri near Gadag from literally scripting an amazing success story.
And the trigger for him to take up the challenge was the refusal to
allow dalits to attend purana-recitation sessions at temples in the
villages in the district during Shravana Maasa. To drive home his
point, he brought out an anthology on B R Ambedkar, the architect of
Indian Constitution and the icon of dalits.

Ramanna took 18 months to bring out the anthology titled `Ambedkar
Purana' in Bhamini Shatpadi (six-line verse). The style of writing
makes it easy for him to recite the Purana and sing to dalits, who
otherwise would have missed such sessions. Ramanna, despite dropping
out of school after III Standard, has the distinction of being the
author of the first book on Ambedkar in Bahamini Shatpadi.

Ramanna learnt Kannada by reading cinema posters and name boards of
hotels in Gadag. However, the drive to learn the language in depth was
his mother's dream to listen to him reciting `Satyanarayana Katha'.

What started as a passion to narrate stories from the puranas made
Ramanna to consider it as profession too. He later went to write
mythological books with help of his daughter Sunanda. In the last 25
years, Ramanna has authored 36 books on Gourishankar Purana, Danamma
Devi Purana, Siddalingan Kavya Sudhe, Neelakanteshwar Purana. Of them,
20 are in Bhamini Shatpadi. Tontada Siddalinga Mahaswami of Tontadarya
Mutt (Betageri) has been supporting Ramanna in his endeavours.

Speaking to 'The Times of India', Ramanna, said: "I wanted dalits to
listen to the purana of Ambedkar __ whom they worship as God --
instead of other puranas."

Ramanna says he is concerned about dalits. "I'm not a dalit, but still
would like to visit their areas and recite Ambedkar Purana in Shravana
Maasa. I wish the government provides financial help to publish my
works," he adds.

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