Thursday, October 28, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Publication od Dr Ambedkar's Writting & Speech Book : Prof Hari Narke & Its loby are the Breakers of this Mission. [3 Attachments]

[Attachment(s) from Dr. Milind Jiwane included below]

Dear Friends,
Today my friend Panther- Prakash Bansod has published the
186 pages book named " Publication of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar: Writting & Speeches - Problems & Solutions" where he provided all the documents
of Goverement of Maharashtra, Action taken by the Publication Committee,
Wrong mistakes done by Prof. Hari Narke & others one, Who are the Breakers
of its publication, and so on..................
Prof. Pramod Ramteke, the eminent International Artist, Ex Principal of Art College, Social Visioner and a member of Sub-Committee
of Govt of Maharashtra Publication has expressed his views on that
publication that " Hon. Vasant Moon was only a person, and member
secretary of the Publication Committee who dedicated his life for
the Mission. But The Govt of Maharashtra has appointed Prof. Hari Narke
for making the break of the publication of Dr Ambedkar's writting &
Speeches Book. He told that recentely published Vol.22 of Dr Ambedkar
Album, we can't say that is Album but its is book, where Mr Narke ha
made many mistakes, which has shown by Mr. Bansod in this book. When
Hon. Vasant Moon was working on that Chair, that time we were selected
near abour 450 photographs and we wrote the caption on the back of that
photos. These all the caption are missing and not published all the
photos by the publication Committee. Even there is mentioned wrong
information by Mr Hari Narke."
Prof. Gautam Kamble told his views that Since last 32 Years,
The Govt of Maharashtra has publised only 22 volumes till today.
Actually if we work honestly, it will be published near about 175
volumes. AS Mahatma Gandhi has noting given new, but there was near
about 100 volumes. And Dr Ambedkar has written many Books, Speeches
and so on, But breakers are not interested to publish it, due to
fear of the origin of new revolution.
On that ocassion Adv Ramesh Shambharkar, Ven. Mettanand, Ven Aniruddha, Shivcharan Thool has expressed their views.On that function
Dr. Milind Jiwane, Bhupesh Thulkar, Prasenjit Taksande, Dr Rajabhau
Tanksale, Baban Chahande and many friends were present. The said book
has no cost. It is for free distribution.
* Chairperson of World Buddhists Conference 2006 at Nagpur (India)
* Organizer of World Peace Rally 2007 (India)
* Organizer of Dhamma Deeksha Ceremony 1992-93 at Nagpur (India)
* President of Ashwaghosh Buddhists Foundation (India)
* President of Jeewak Welfare Society Nagpur (India)
* President of Civil Rights Protection Cell [ CRPC]
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Laskaribagh, Nagpur 440017 M.S. (India)
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