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[ZESTCaste] Buddha Dhamma Conference at Alapalli Dist Gadchiroli (India) on October 30-31, 2010. [1 Attachment]

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Buddha Dhamma Conference at Alapalli Dist Gadchiroli (India) on October 30-31, 2010.

Dr Ambedkar Memorial Committee, Mahamaya Women's Committee, Nagsen
Buddha Vihar, Ramai Women's Committee, Sidharth Women's Committee jointly organized " Buddha Dhamma Conference" at Community Hall,
Alapalli, Tah. Aheri Dist Gadchiroli on 30-31 October 2010. on the
inauguration following dignitaries were participated
* Panchsheel Flag Hosting : Ven. H. Satyanand Thero
* Chairperson : Ven. Shantarakshit Mahathero
* Blessing : Ven. Rakhita Dhammo (Myanmar)
Ven. Payya Tissa ( Srilanka)
Ven. Sanghratna Manke (Japan)
Ven. H. Kashyapayan (England, UK)
* Inauguration : Hon. Prof. Pradeep Agalve
* Chief Guests : Dr. Milind Jiwane (Ashwaghosh Bddhists Foundation
Hon. Amar Ramteke ( Ambedkarite Drama Writer )
Hon. Rajabhau Taksande ( Ambedkarite Social leader)
Yours in the Dhamma,
Ven. Rajratna


Attachment(s) from Dr. Milind Jiwane

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