Sunday, September 26, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Nepal: 21 elected as NC CWC members from reserved quotas

21 elected as NC CWC members from reserved quotas

Saturday, 25 September 2010 09:01

Twenty one persons have been elected as Central Working Committee
(CWC) members of the Nepali Congress (NC) from the quotas reserved for
women, Madhesis , Janajatis and Dalits.

Results of the five Janajati quotas (three male and two female) were
announced Saturday afternoon. Those elected from Janajati quotas are
Bhimsa Raj Aangdambe, Surya Man Gurung, Dhan Raj Gurung, Sita Gurung
and Ratna Sherchan.

Similarly, Pushpa Bhusal, Mina Pande, Kamala Pant, Ambika Basnet,
Mahalaxmi Upadhyaya 'Deena' and Uma Regmi got elected from the women
quota. 40 candidates had contested for CWC member from the women
quota. Bhusal received 1502, Pande 1413, Pant 1268, Basent 1088,
Upadhyaya 1007, and Regmi got 831 votes.

Likewise, Man Bahadur Bishwakarma, Jiwan Pariyar and Min Bishwakarma
were elected from the Dalit quota. Sujata Pariyar and Kavita Sardar
were elected from Dalit women quota.

Uma Kant Chaudhary, Ajaya Chaurasiya and Mahendra Yadav were elected
from Madhesi quota. Minakchhi Jha and Parbati DC Chaudhary were
elected from Madhesi women quota.

Earlier, Mohammad Aftab Alam was elected from Muslim quota.

The counting of votes for indigenous communities will continue on Saturday.

The counting for the post of CWC members under zonal reservation and
open contest will begin after completion of the reserved quotas.

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