Thursday, July 1, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Why Was Dr. Ambedkar Selected as Constitutional Drafting comittee


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Its an open secret that Congress and Gandhi did everything to restrict Babasahebs policies of inclusive development and representation of Bahujans through Poona Pact and were the rivals..
But the irony of all is why Babasaheb was selected for the constitutional post. Congress and its kids tell that it was Gandhi who whole heartedly gave Babasaheb this position......but its utterly false considering the below info

1. Congress had used the subcaste tricks and defeated Babasaheb in the election so that he could not enter the Parliment..........It was the Namasudra's of Bengal which elected Babsaheb to Parliment.-------so no where dit the Congress had any plan for Babasaheb in post independent India.
2. Dr. Ambedkar was not the first person to be suggested, infact the first person appointed left the position citing he could not take the huge responsibility.
3. After the partition of India Congress was more cautious that sc/st and later OBC's may come with the separate nation suppress this Dr. Ambedkar was given the position as a trick.
4. There was no person more learned and Intelligent in Constitution and democracy than Dr. Ambedkar.

There are plenty of reasons which are not clearly shown which is creating a confusion by congress telling they were responsible for giving the position.........

On 29 th August 1947, a committee was constituted to frame the Constitution of India. Ambedkar was chosen as its Chairman. Shri T. T. Krishnamachari, a member of the committee, himself has said:

"Though a committee of seven members was formed, one of then resigned. Another was nominated in his place. Another member died. No one took his place. One of the members was very busy with government work. Owing to ill health two other members were far away from Delhi. As a result, Dr. Ambedkar alone had to carry the entire burden of preparing the draft of the Constitution. The work he has done is admirable".

As the Minister for Law, Dr. Ambedkar placed the draft Constitution before the Constituent Assembly on 4th Nobvember 1948.

Naveen Rahul

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