Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[ZESTCaste] 'Honour killings will continue'



July 12, 2010 » India
'Honour killings will continue'

Monday, July 12, 2010, 15:42 [IST]

New Delhi, Jul 12: The Khap gram panchayat announced that they will
continue 'honour killing' as their pride inspite of the fact that
Indian government is going to produce a new law of banning the
'killing' in the name of 'honour'.

Buzz up!At a meeting in Muzaffarnagar, several village bodies from
three states, voiced a defiant note and even supported killings in the
name of family honour.

Chaudhary Karan Singh, a participant of the meeting said to CNN-IBN,
"Khaps are like gods. They can do no wrong. If you are with us and
continue to show us in good light nothing can go wrong."

The predominant demand of the Khaps is that the Hindu Marriage Act be
amended to ban marriages within the same gotra or clan. Some even went
as far as to demand a ban on love marriages.

"We will not compromise on traditions. We will either kill or get
killed,"said Om Prakash Malik, a Khap member to CNN-IBN.

"No one can stop such deaths. Not the Government or the Supreme Court.
Even the military can not stop it," said Choudhary Naresh Singh

Though several actions had been taken against 'honour killing' but
still the villagers want to stick with their age old tradition.

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