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[ZESTCaste] Honour killing in Mumbai

Honour killing in Mumbai
By: Ketan Ranga and Shiva Devnath Date: 2010-07-28 Place: Mumbai

Victim's family alleges that girlfriend's family murdered him, because
they came from opposing castes

A relative of Amol Javde points to the tree where his body was found
hanging last night

Here's another case of a love story gone awry. Amol Javde (22) was
found hanging from the branch of a tree around 12 pm near Anushakti
Nagar in Trombay. However, his family alleges that his girlfriend's
family, who opposed the relationship because they belonged to
different castes, murdered him.

The boy's family told MiD DAY that Amol who was a second-year commerce
student at Ambedkar College, Matunga was in a relationship with Nikita
Kale (17), (name changed) for more than a year.

Gautam Javde, Amol's father, a BEST driver by occupation, said, "The
girl stays in Suman Nagar area of Chembur, where my brother used to
stay. My son used to visit his place often and that is when they
started meeting one another and eventually fell in love. However, the
girl's family was opposed to the relationship because we are Buddhist
Dalits and they belong to the Cobbler community."

Gautam also added that his son and the girl were very much in love and
had fled from their homes in December 2009. However, the girl's family
filed a kidnapping complaint against Amol at the Chembur police
station. Later, he was let off on bail. "My son also faced threats
from the girl's uncle," alleged Gautam.

KILLED? Amol Javde who ran away with Nikita Kale twice

According to Javde's neighbours, the girl often visited Javde's area
dressed in a burqa. On July 19, they eloped again. Both the families
filed missing complaints at respective police stations.

Amol's mother Nanda said the girl called her father on Monday morning,
while he was driving. She told him that they wanted to get married but
wanted the blessings of her family. The girl's father asked her to
return home.

According to investigating officials, Amol's body was found when the
police was out on their night patrol. They found the body and took him
to Shatabdi Hospital at 2.30 am. During a check of the body, the
police found a chit of paper in Amol's pocket, which contained the
phone number of his sister. The police called her up, who told them
that she was in their village and to call up her father. Amol's father
reached the hospital in a state of shock and despair.

However, Amol's father believes that his son did not commit suicide
and foul play was at hand. He told MiD DAY that when he saw the
pictures taken at the scene of the crime, he noticed that Amol's legs
were touching the ground, which was suspicious. "I noticed that his
clothes were smeared with blood and that his nose also showed some
dried blood." He also added that his son was found hanging by means of
a plastic rope.

The Trombay police are awaiting the results of the post mortem.
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Jalindar
IN GRIEF: Amol Javde's mother (centre) is inconsolabe. PIC/SHIVA DEVNATH

Khandagle, said, "We are investigating the matter. If we find anything
suspicious, we will register a murder case." He also added that the
girl who had eloped with Amol was found at her home and her statement
would be recorded soon. The boy's father has filed a complaint against
the girl's uncle, aunt and brother last night.

Though the police have lodged the complaint, they are yet to register
a murder case. After repeated attempts the girl's family was
unavailable for comment.

Late night update
Amol's father was called to identify the body at 2.30 am at Shatabdi
Hospital. Trombay police are awaiting the results of the postmortem

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