Thursday, May 13, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Put an end to caste feelings (A letter to the editor)

Put an end to caste feelings

Category » Your Voice Posted On Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our politicians talk endlessly on a caste-less and class-less,
egalitarian society, especially at election times and once gaining
power, they forget it and follow the same old traditional ways. Only
recently, a case has come up in the media about SCs and Dalits being
denied entry in temples by the Chauhans, bracketed as Other Backward
Class, in the home turf of the MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan
in Jait (Sehore district), hardly 100 kms away from Bhopal.
This is not only a case of Jait village alone, but in almost every
Indian village, particularly in northern India. Even in much educated,
advanced southern State like Tamil Nadu, caste discrimination is
quite alive and kicking. There were numerous cases reported in the
media and while respective governments came up with their own stock
denial postures, but in fact, caste discrimination is very much
So is the case of class distinction. As we have the upper caste,
middle caste, backward caste and lower caste, we have upper class,
middle class, lower class and those below the poverty line (BPL).
These are the real enigmas of Indian society. Nobody, not even a
single person in government wants to level this distinction or
discrimination. When upper caste treats the middle or backward class
downward, they in turn treat the lower or the lowest caste badly. If a
Brahmin treats an OBC badly, the OBC attempt to treat the SC/ST or the
Dalits more badly.
This is a quid pro quo attitude. Really, those who have created this
order in society should be blamed for it. When in post-independent
India we never had any caste based enumeration in our census, the
latest decision of government surprises all. Was that just to please
the Yadav brothers who bailed out the UPA in Cut Motion viz-a-vis
promised co-operation in passing the nuclear damage compensation bill.
RK Kutty, Bhopal

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