Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Invitation on the launch of Telephone Helpline, web-portal and Mentorship Programme for Dalit and Adivasi students. ( 27th May)


Invitation on the launch of Telephone Helpline, web-portal and Mentorship Programme for Dalit and Adivasi students.


Insight Foundation, a group of students and young professionals, is pleased to invite you for a small get-together on the occasion of the launches of its telephone helpline for Dalit and Adivasi students in higher education, a Dalit and Adivasi student portal and Mentorship programme.


Insight Foundation will also like to use this opportunity to screen a documentary produced by some of its members on caste discrimination prevalent in one of the premier institutions of the country. 


We cordially invite you to participate on this occasion –


Date – 27th May 2010


Time - 11.30 am


Venue - Insight Foundation, 125, First Floor, Shahpur Jat, Near Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi – 49,  Phone – 011 46695837



1.      Telephone Helpline (0-9999 48 42 49)

Insight Foundation is going to run a telephone helpline for Dalit and Adivasi students with the main focus of supporting the students to make informed choices while pursuing higher education and in career opportunities. This is an attempt to reach to our students at national level, from small towns and villages, first generation literates and those who are not able to access internet.


One of the key focuses of helpline will also be to cater to first year college/university students and to support them by linking with faculty members and senior Dalit and Adivasi students.


Our helpline will also try to counsel our students on the cases of caste discrimination and prejudices faced by them in campuses.


Initially our helpline will be open from Monday to Friday (from 10 am- 1pm). Our students can even send their queries through SMS on our Helpline mobile number.


2.      Dalit and Adivasi Students Portal (www.scststudents.org) is an attempt by Insight Foundation to create an e-resource centre for Dalit and Adivasi students in Higher education. DASP includes online discussion group, online mentoring for Dalit and Adivasi students, providing relevant information about admissions, scholarships, career opportunities and also a space for advocating intervention at policy levels for equal opportunities in higher education.  


3.      Mentorship Programme

Through this programme we are trying to facilitate a process of bringing together Dalit and Adivasi faculty members, professionals and senior students from major universities and colleges to support our students and provide mentorship on issues such as coping with the campus environment, academic guidance, orientation and career counseling.


We are starting this programme by creating profiles of about 100 faculty members, students and professionals on our Dalit and Adivasi student portal (www.scststudents.org). Our students can choose their mentors according to their specializations and Insight Foundation will play the role of facilitating the communication between both.


4.      The death of Merit (a documentary)

'The death of Merit' is a documentary based on the testimonies of the family members of Bal Mukund Bharti, a final year medical student from AIIMS (New Delhi) who committed suicide on 3rd March 2010. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is considered to be one of the most premier institutions of the country. The documentary is an effort to understand about the travails faced by Dalit students in spaces of higher education which are supposed to be egalitarian but continue to display caste-prejudices.


On the same day we are also launching our organization's website www.insightfoundation.in to provide information on the vision, objectives and activities of our organization.


Please also visit our media portal http://roundtableindia.co.in, an initiative of our group members towards creating an alternative media space. 

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