Sunday, April 4, 2010

[ZESTCaste] BSP aims to whip up Dalit emotions on spl force bill

BSP aims to whip up Dalit emotions on spl force bill
TNN, Apr 4, 2010, 07.19am IST

LUCKNOW: The Opposition might have slammed chief minister Mayawati for
not waiting for governor's nod to raise a security force for memorials
and monuments, particularly those of the Dalit icons, but for BSP it
has come as another opportunity for Congress-bashing and projecting
Maya as the champion of Dalits.

Maya got the Special Zone Security Force Bill passed in the state
assembly to protect monuments of historical and cultural importance,
which include the parks and memorials built by the BSP government in
the name of Dalit icons. But the bill could be executed because
governor BL Joshi did not give his approval. Maya then issued an
ordinance to raise the force with special powers, but that too has not
been approved by the Raj Bhawan yet. Sources said governor is
conducting a detailed scrutiny of the ordinance before taking any
decision. UP is the first state in India to form such a force
dedicated to monuments.

As per Article 200 of the Constitution, any bill can become law only
after consent of the governor. The governor can send back the bill for
reconsideration of the legislative body or can withhold his consent.
If the legislative body passes the bill again and sends it to governor
for approval, the latter cannot withhold it but can refer it to the
President for consideration. Article 207 (3) states that any bill
involving financial expenditure can be introduced in the legislative
house after taking governor's consent. After being passed by the
legislature, the bill is again sent to the governor for approval.

These provisions have been made to ensure balance of power and that no
bill is promulgated which is against the spirit of the Constitution or
adverse to public interest or has provisions which might lead to
adverse impact in the lost run. In the case of Special Zone Security
Bill, the governor has not given his consent as yet. He has also not
approved the ordinance which later replaced the bill. But Maya
government decided to go ahead with her plan through an executive
order, though the force formed through administrative order will have
no special powers to make arrests or seizures for security purpose.

All the Opposition parties have slammed Maya for not respecting the
Constitutional norms. UP Congress chief Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that
by overlooking Raj Bhawan, Maya has shown disrespect to the
Constitution. SP leader Shivpal Singh Yadav went a step ahead and
demanded governor to order probe into financial bungling in the
construction of the monuments which also include Mayawati's statues.
BJP spokesman Hriday Narain Dixit said the state government has
crossed its constitutional authority by deciding to set up a new force
through an executive order and bypassing the authority of the

But instead of going on backfoot, Maya has grabbed the opportunity to
whip up Dalit emotions as she did in the case of currency-garland
controversy. In the latter case, BSP leaders had raised question when
Opposition leaders can be felicitated with costly items and garlanded
with currency notes, why can't it be done with a dalit leader. Now in
the special force case, BSP leaders said that SP is issuing open
threat to damage the dalit monuments. "Damage to any of dalit
monuments can create a nationwide turmoil. Opposition of special force
by rival parties only exposes their anti-dalit mentality," said a BSP

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