Saturday, February 13, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Mumbai's Dalits upset with Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai's Dalits upset with Rahul Gandhi
By: Varun SinghDate: 2010-02-07

Dalits angry that Rahul Gandhi had time to meet their community
members in UP but not in Mumbai

Rahul Gandhi might have won Mumbai over by commuting in a Mumbai
local, but he disappointed thousands of Ambedkar supporters waiting
for him at the Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar slums in Ghatkopar (East).

According to the Ambedkar supporters from Ramabai Ambedkar Nagar,
Rahul Gandhi has shown discrimination. "We were all eagerly waiting
for him to come to our homes, our gullies at least to see how we live.
In the north, he even ate food with them. Here we couldn't catch a
glimpse of the leader, we were forced to stay indoors
and were not allowed to come on the road near the stage," said D B
Kedre, resident of Ramabai Nagar.

Rahul Gandhi was in Mumbai on Friday and had visited the
Dalit-dominated colony to offer flowers to the newly erected statue
of Dr B R Ambedkar. He then met with the Indian Youth Congress members
present. Residents argued that if he had to meet his members he could
have done so some other place. "Why did he chose our area if he
didn't want to meet us? We feel humiliated. We were all eagerly
waiting for him so that we could discuss our problems with an
influential leader," said Vinod Kamble, another resident of the area.

However, Ramesh Ahire, leader of the Tarun Mitra Mandal said, "Every
one in the area was invited. We had erected huge hoardings. If people
couldn't make it, it's their fault. There were lakhs of people present
and the visit was a success."

September 2009: Rahul Gandhi visited Shravasti district in UP and even
spent the night at the house of the Gram Pradhan Chedi Pasi


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