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President 83rd Marathi Sahiya Sammelan

Dr. K. Jamanadas, "Shalimar", Main Road, Chandrapur 442402

Famine stricken Maharashtra celebrates

While State of Maharashtra is facing severe famine like situation in 20,000 villages, Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, as usual, in scheduled to be held in Pune in last week of March 2010 under the president elect Dr. D. B. Kulkarni (DB), who after past two successive failures got elected this year with the support of 350 votes out of 540. While congratulating him, Nagesh Chaudhary wrote in 'Bahujan Sangharsh' (15 Feb. 2010) about him throwing some light on his personality. This is the gist of this article. As Kulkarni was from Vidarbha, now in Pune, and as there is a huge backlog of Vidarbha in cultural field also, Chaudhary hails the election of DB.

Profile of DB

DB, it reported, boasts himself of his knowledge of palmistry and his disciples, specially those whose theses for Ph.D are under process, assemble every year on Guru Purnima day to pay respects to him. The event was described as 'Datta Jayanti' by a critic.

Once he declared that all the reviewers of literature must remain neutral like the judges. Those who know DB personally know that during days of seventies, he used to charge Rs. 300/- (present value would be Rs. 3000) for writing foreword to any literary book. He used to boast, it is said, that only because of his foreword, many emerging poets got established. About the famous great poet 'Grace' he remarked, "Because of my criticism, Grace got established as a poet". Grace is said to have retorted back, "My poetry has made him a critic".

There is no doubt that DB is a good knowledgeable teacher and famous critic. Nagesh Chaudhary observes that there is darker side to his profile, which must not be ignored.

DB as hater of Dalits and Ambedkar

A news item in Weekly Abhijat of 26th December 1971, tells us that DB has beaten a Dalit Student of MA Final class, Bhanudas Khairkar, with a ruler on 7th December 1971. It was decided that program to pay respects to Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar on his parinirvan day, 6th Dec., was scheduled to be held during third period of DB. But DB did not take the program and was willing for homage paying ceremony after the period, to which Bhanudas Khairkar objected. Therefore DB has beaten the student.

Further it was reported that, when some students complained on 13th December to the then Vice Chancellor Dr. V. B. Kolte, DB gave written apology in presence of the VC. He writes in apology letter that he apologizes publicly to all for the insult of Dr. Ambedkar and of the students unknowingly committed by him, by conducting the regular class on Parinirvan day and later physically punishing Khairkar. DB's mind is fully filled with the hate of Dalits and Ambedkar is very clearly seen by this episode.

But the matter did not end here with the written apology of DB.  There was a great discontent among the students that the University took no punitive action against DB. Their demand was that DB should be removed from service. But VC Dr. Kolte protected him. DB had to fall at the feet of Editor Vadaskar of 'Weekly Abhijat', and then had to go and hide at the residence of Dr. Shrikant Tidke at Murtijapur town. And then after spending two years at Benaras University in exile, he came back to Nagpur.  By this time peace had prevailed in Nagpur. Very true as is said, people's memory is short lived. As good luck of DB prevailed, the atrocity act, those days, was not as strong as of now.

DB and his daughter-in-law

Second episode is still more derogatory and an anthema to Marathi literary world and an insult to the women folks. It must be early nineties, his only daughter in law had to leave the house because of shameful acts of DB. Ambazai Police Station of Nagpur has noted this dark episode.  Daughter-in-law reported a case of attempted rape – molestation by DB. Various women organizations and literary dignitaries condemned this act and signature campaign was started to demanding legal punishment for DB.  This time, Principal Rambhau Shevalkar saved him by putting a word to the then Police Commissioner Arvind Inamdar.

How ungrateful one can get is seen from the way DB returned the obligations of Kolte and Shevalkar by treachery by writing against these two great people in his venomous criticisms.

Appeal to Ambedkarites

Nagesh Chaudhary laments that such a lustful treacherous person is elected by the learned voters of Mumbai, Pune and Aurangabad. He avers that it is the need of the day that his resignation must be demanded. Some time ago, resignation of Anand Yadav was obtained by Varkaris for denigrating Saint Tukaram. Similarly DB should not be allowed to preside over 83rd Convention at Pune. Otherwise, it would be seen that Yadav is punished because he is OBC and DB is let loose because he is a Brahmin.

Lastly, Nagesh Chaudhary appeals to all Varkaris and literary folks and disciples of Phule and Ambedkar to come together and carry on the struggle of demanding resignation of DB. This is the real time, he feels, to show the spirit of Phule and Ambedkar.



Dr. K. Jamanadas, "Shalimar", Main Road, Chandrapur 442402

Wednesday, February 24, 2010



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