Sunday, January 10, 2010

[ZESTCaste] Will Rahul Gandhi marry a Dalit, asks Ramdas Athavle


Pankaj Jaiswal, Hindustan Times

Lucknow, January 09, 2010
First Published: 21:23 IST(9/1/2010)
Last Updated: 21:30 IST(9/1/2010)

Will Rahul Gandhi marry a Dalit, asks Ramdas Athavle

Republican Party of India-A president Ramdas Athavle said it was high
time that Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi got married to a
Dalit girl considering his 'Dalit prem' (love for Dalits).

Athavle said this at a press conference in Lucknow on Saturday. He
further went on say that Rahul Gandhi's Dalit prem is all political
gimmick. He said that he would play a matchmaker and would find a very
good Dalit girl for Rahul if he were willing.

Athavle, an ex-MP from Maharashtra, was here to announce a state
conference of his party that has been scheduled for May 16.

He favoured the idea of smaller states, supported Abu Azmi (Samajwadi
Party MLA in Maharashtra Assembly) on the issue of taking oath in
Hindi and criticised both the central and the UP state government on
various counts including price rise.

He said that the central government was not playing a role of a
watchdog vis-a-vis failure of UP government for its failure in
checking Dalit atrocities, rising crime, checking rising hunger, price
rise and issues related to farmers.

He said that both politicians and government officers seems to have a
new maxim-'Loot as mush as you can while Mayawati government lasts'.
So everyone is impatient here in making money through corruption.

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