Monday, December 7, 2009

[ZESTCaste] Mapping Contemporary Dalit Movement: Issues and Patterns of Mobilization


Mapping Contemporary Dalit Movement: Issues and Patterns of Mobilisation

Dear Friends,


Welcome to the new issue of our magazine Insight Young Voices (December 09- January 10). The theme of the present issue is 'Mapping Contemporary Dalit Movement: Issues and Patterns of Mobilization'.

In the last 25-30 years, there has been a new wave of Dalit assertion that is visible across the country and is manifested through different forms of mobilization: political groups, ngos, socio-cultural groups, employees associations, student platforms, diasporas, religious groups etc.

In this issue we are trying to understand this phenomena through the lenses of people who are directly engaged in it. They are activists, scholars, politicians, artists, students but working together towards emancipation of our community from the clutches of brahminical social order, albeit, focusing in different areas.

For this, we have interviewed 24 people from across the country, contributing in the Dalit movement in their respective capacities. This issue carries 10 of them and are primarily from North India. In our next issue we will carry rest of the 14 interviews together with some research articles from the scholars who have been studying various aspects of Contemporary Dalit movement for quite some time.

This is our humble attempt to present various facets of Dalit movement before our readers, especially before Dalit youth and students. By no means we are attempting towards coding the entire movement in detailed manner but  trying to provide just a glimpse of  Dalit movement, as it stands today. With these two issues on Contemporary Dalit Movement, we hope to generate enough discussions and debates so that these get supplemented with out limited efforts.

We also want to inform our readers that our magazine site insightyv is going through reconstruction and hence we will be putting this entire issue on this blog by posting one article/interview on every alternate day starting from Dr. Umakant's interview right from today.  We hope to have our website fully functional by the end of this month and then will put the present issue and all future ones on that website itself.

                                                          Please read the entire magazine at our blog


Anoop Kumar

On behalf of Insight Editorial Collective

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