Thursday, December 17, 2009

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By Express News Service
17 Dec 2009 04:42:00 AM IST

Government anti-dalit, anti-tribal: Opposition

BHUBANESWAR: The Opposition today brought fresh charges against the
State Government, accusing it of ignoring the interests of the
Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes by not ratifying the
Constitution (109th Amendment) Bill, 2009 which proposed to extend
reservation for them in the State legislatures and Parliament for
another 10 years.
This has exposed the anti-dalit and anti-tribal face of Chief Minister
Naveen Patnaik, Leader of the Opposition Bhupinder Singh told
mediapersons here today. The deadline for the ratification is January
24, Singh said, adding that the provision of reservation will cease to
have effect unless ratified by then.
Congress Chief Whip Prasad Harichandan said 51 per cent of the State
assemblies need to ratify the bill before the deadline for it to come
into force. As a state with more than 40 per cent SC and ST
population, Orissa should have been the leading state to ratify the
bill, he said.
This was raised twice in the business advisory committee (BAC) of the
Assembly during the last session, Prasad said, adding that the
Assembly was adjourned abruptly 11 days before it despite having this
serious business before it.
The Lok Sabha Secretariat had informed the Assembly about this
constitutional necessity on August 20 and the Assembly in turn had
written to the State Government on September 23. However, the State
Government slept over the matter, he said.
Prasad alleged that lapse of such a serious nature has made the
anti-dalit and anti-tribal nature of the State Government clear. He
alleged that during the last nine years 21 tribals have died in police
firing at various places. Besides, the chairman of Scheduled Caste
Commission Buta Singh had also exposed the anti-dalit nature of the
government openly, he said.
As the State Cabinet recommended the Assembly to be prorogued, the
House cannot be reconvened by it during the 2009 calendar year. There
will also be no time left before the government to reconvene the House
and ratify the bill in January as more than one month will be required
for the entire process, he said.
Karendra Majhi (BJP) alleged that the Government had betrayed the
SC/ST people by not ratifying the bill. An adjournment motion notice
was discussed in the Assembly run by the Opposition today and

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