Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[ZESTCaste] Mayawati wants SC stay on statues, memorials to go

Mayawati wants SC stay on statues, memorials to go
TNN 4 November 2009, 03:22am IST

NEW DELHI: A day before hearing on contempt charges against the UP
chief secretary for alleged violation of orders stopping construction
memorials and installation of statues, the Mayawati government on
Tuesday moved the Supreme Court with a plea to resume work at the
project sites in Lucknow.

The application followed a detailed affidavit filed by chief secretary
Atul Kumar Gupta accusing the media of failing to understand the width
of the apex court's September 8 and 11 orders. "The construction,
maintenance and repair work at different sites carried out were out of
the ambit of any of the interim orders passed by the Supreme Court,"
Gupta said.

Given the "do not play with fire" warning and stinging orders of the
top court while issuing the contempt notice, the chief secretary did
not forget to tender his unqualified apology yet again for any
"inadvertent" disobedience or deviation from the two orders.

The chief secretary said he had already filed an affidavit detailing
incorrect reporting by the print and electronic media, which went on
with the issue without ascertaining the actual subject matter of the
writ petitions pending before the Allahabad High Court. He said the SC
had imposed "no work" restriction on the smaraks coming under the
purview of the writ petitions before the HC.

But as an abundant precaution, the chief secretary said, "I had acted
in compliance with the orders passed by the apex court. However, I
hereby tender my sincere and unqualified apology for any kind of
disobedience or deviation, aberration or misconstruction, if any,
which might have happened in implementing the orders passed by the
Supreme Court."

Stressing on the point that none of the orders of the apex court were
ever violated, the UP government in its fresh application pleaded for
vacation of stay on work at the project sites indicating its keenness
to complete the smaraks and installation of statues, which have
remained in limbo for nearly a month.

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